FanFotoCam is the cornerstone of a mobile keepsake photo business system that provides 1) an additional income stream for talented individuals or groups ...

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FanFotoCam is the cornerstone of a mobile keepsake photo business system that provides 1) an additional income stream for talented individuals or groups who want to provide their fans high-quality keepsakes, and 2) entrepreneurs who want to profit from disrupting existing keepsake photo services in their area. NOTE: FanFotoCam is a B2B (Business-to-Business) application and is just one part of a CLOSED ecosystem designed to maximize profits for our associates/users. Photos taken with FanFotoCam CANNOT be accessed outside of the app. Prints and digital downloads can ONLY be offered for sale by uploading to FanFotoCam is also ideal for benevolent organizations and venues. Benevolent organizations can reward their contributors, patrons, or volunteers with frame-quality photos or downloads that commemorate special events, Meet & Greets, Step & Repeats, or fund-raising drives. Venues can produce lasting promotional reminders of shows, celebrities, and speakers who appear. FanFotoCam is both a specialized camera and a simple, yet flexible photo processor that captures and produces high-quality, customized, and desirable keepsake photos - the kind that fans and parents will pay for! FanFotoCam works its magic after concerts, and at sporting, fund-raising or school events. FanFotoCam eliminates the need for professional photographers, time-consuming, tedious, expensive and complicated digital editing software, and expensive cameras whose features you will never need. FanFotoCam’s special camera lets you set and lock proper exposure with the help of a real-time histogram display. You can also lock the camera’s focus to any distance. After a picture is snapped, a preview will be displayed, and new with version 1.1, FanFotoCam can automatically detect closed eyes and highlights them so every photo can be perfect. Also, before enhancing and accessorizing photos with your custom “presets”, each photo can now be lightened, darkened, sharpened, or the exposure can be adjusted. Each photo is then saved to the private FanFotoCam Gallery. FanFotoCam includes an easy-to-use photo processor where our associates create “presets” (i.e. templates) using their own imported image files like logos, autographs, colorful backgrounds, or imaginative photo borders. This artwork can be used in any variety of ways in the custom-designed presets along with photo-resizing, colorful imprinted dates, and image processing options (e.g. B&W, Sepia, Chrome) to create unique, unlimited styles of keepsake photos. Your beautiful keepsake photos can then be uploaded to our online shop,, where YOUR customers can select, order, and pay for photo packages which will be printed and shipped to them, all without you having to do anything (except cash the checks we will send you). Additionally, the original digital photo files can be sold and downloaded from For more information, questions, etc. on how to generate your own income stream using FanFotoCam and, please visit our website.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 27.2 MB


Price: 4,49 €

Developed by eNATAL LLC

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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