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If you liked Fashion Math you will LOVE Fashion Math Pro. Fashion Math Pro features over 275 dress up items, two new dress up categories (Background ...

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If you liked Fashion Math you will LOVE Fashion Math Pro. Fashion Math Pro features over 275 dress up items, two new dress up categories (Background Scenes and Purses) and no ads. Here is what people are saying about Fashion Math: ********************** Great game!! My daughter loves it! Great way for her to practice math and still play dress up..good for all ages though.. I even play it sometimes! And I love it as well!! :) *********************** My sisters and I have trouble with math, getting us to do math drills is like pulling teeth. Then I found this app we now fight over who gets to drill next, and my multiplication has improved. It never gets boring because you have to drill again for every outfit change. Thank you for such a girly fun math app!! *********************** Granddaughter did not enjoy math until she started playing this great app *********************** Fashion Math is one of the only games specifically designed to make learning math fun and exciting for girls! Girls start off by getting credits for solving math equations in the “Stars” game. Once they credits they can then buy items to put in their closet. With the items in the closet, they can dress up their doll. With a large variety of dresses, hairstyles, shoes and pets, girls will be constantly inspired to play the “Stars” math game to earn more credits to buy items for their doll. Standard vs Pro Versions: The Pro versions offers the following upgrades: * Has almost twice as many items that can be purchased. * Adds the Background and Purse items. * Removes the ads. Settings: There are three sections that can be adjusted in the settings screen. * The first section is used to set the arithmetic types and the maximum number of each arithmetic type. If you would like, you can turn on multiple arithmetic types and the "Stars" game will mix up the questions. Credits are awarded by how hard the arithmetic problems are so a problem like 20 X 5 would award more credits then a problem like 1 + 2. * The second sections is used to select the types of problems to use. You can select Word Problems, Mystery values and standard. * The third setting allows you to turn the sound on or off. Earn Credits (Stars Game): The Stars game will let you answer problems based on the settings above. Every time a you get an answer right, you are awarded credits that you can use to purchase items for your doll. Be careful, you lose credits for wrong answers so take your time to get the correct answer. Closet: Once you earn credits, you can go to your closet and go shopping. Your closet will hold up to four items of each type. For example, it will hold up to four dresses, four hair styles, four pets... If you select to go shopping when there is already an item in that slot, the item that you purchase will replace the item that was there. Select any item in your closet to put it on your doll. Once your doll is wearing an item, it no longer counts as one of the four items in your closet. Stats: The stats screen keeps track of the points (not credits) you earn as you solve the problems. That will show you how you are doing in each area. Fashion Math was inspired by my desire to create a game that would entertain while it was teaching math to my daughters.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 30.06 MB


Price: 1,64 €

Developed by Jon Hoffman

Day of release: 2011-01-21

Recommended age: 4+

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