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Quickly Calculate And Email Your Material Needs For Your Next Block Wall Project. - Easy to use interface - Click button to send detailed email/text/copy ...

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Quickly Calculate And Email Your Material Needs For Your Next Block Wall Project. - Easy to use interface - Click button to send detailed email/text/copy without leaving App Quickly calculate how many blocks, mortar and concrete your next project needs, with this easy to use, stylish App, then send an email to yourself, or a contractor with exactly how much material your project needs including waste. Quick information on one screen, detailed information emailed for your records. Highlights ● Enter using real numbers, feet, inches. ● Easy to use interface. ● Easy to read, actionable numbers. ● Supports any wall size. ● Calculates total block needed with waste. ● Calculates bags of pre-mix mortar required. ● Calculates yards of concrete required to fill the wall. ● Calculates block costs. ● Calculates pre-mix mortar costs. ● Calculates concrete costs. ● Supports 8 common block types ● Click to send detailed email, without leaving App. ● Absolutely the fastest block wall calculator out there. Block Types Supported - 6x6x16 2 core - 6x8x16 3 core - 8x8x16 2 core - 8x8x16 3 core - 10x8x16 2 core - 10x8x16 3 core - 12x8x16 2 core - 12x8x16 3 core Email Yourself or a Contractor ● Just click the email button to send an email, without leaving the App. ● Email includes actionable information for a contractor or do-it-yourself individual. ● Includes material price information ● Includes material list, wall dimensions, cost breakdown, wall SQFT ● Every piece of information you need to order block, mortar and concrete, or get block wall bids ✚✚✚ New Export Features Added ✚✚✚ - Send project details to anyone by text message - Copy the entire project details and paste anywhere - Send a email with the project details Example Email Sent From Inside App --------------------------------------------- Subject: Block Calculator Results Project Information: Blocks required | 358 Yards of concrete | 3.32 CUYDS Total material cost | $996.91 Cost Breakdown: Block cost | $522.68 Mortar costs | $149.40 Concrete costs | $324.83 Wall Dimensions: Wall size | 25'8" X 12'2" Block type | 8x8x16 2 core Wall SQFT | 312 Mortar joint | 3/8" Material List: Blocks | 358 blocks Bags of mortar | 30 bags Yards of concrete | 3.32 CUYDS --------------------------------------------- Requirements - In App email requires data service or WIFI and configured email on device. - Text requires cell service or iMessage - Compatible with OS 5.1 or later. Check out our other App! | Fast Paint Calculator | | Fast Tile Calculator With In App Email | | Fast Concrete Pad Calculator | | Fast Brick Calculator |


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 2.11 MB


Price: 1,69 €

Developed by brian nelson

Day of release: 2010-03-12

Recommended age: 4+

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