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From the Apologetics Study Bible for Students, this app offers 20 facts about faith and culture everyone should know, plus responses to 25 common challenges ...

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From the Apologetics Study Bible for Students, this app offers 20 facts about faith and culture everyone should know, plus responses to 25 common challenges to the Christian faith. Also included is a free version of the HCBS Bible in the Olive Tree BibleReader and all Scripture references are linked for immediate access to relevant verses. SEE OUR OTHER APPS: TWISTED SCRIPTURE APOLOGETICS STUDY BIBLE APOLOGETICS STUDY BIBLE FOR STUDENTS Fast Facts include: Abortion in Light of Scripture Absolute Truth vs. Relativism America’s Christian Heritage Atheism Darwinian Evolution Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection How the Bible Came Together Jehovah’s Witnesses Mormonism (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus Reincarnation Religious Pluralism Scientific Evidence for Intelligent Design The Bible vs. The Koran The Bible’s Amazing Prophecies The Bible’s Uniqueness The Biblical View of Homosexuality The God of Islam vs. the God of Christianity The Reality and Nature of Miracles The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ Challenges include: “There is no truth.” “You are narrow-minded if you think Jesus is the only way to God.” “The Bible is full of errors and contradictions.” “Christianity is responsible for some of the worst evils in history.” “I don't believe anything unless it can be proven scientifically.” “Religion is a matter of faith, not evidence.” “Who are you to say?” “There cannot be just one true religion.” “You shouldn’t judge others.” “The Bible is unreliable and it’s doubtful that Jesus even existed.” “You’re a Christian because you grew up in a Christian home or nation.” “If everything that exists needs a cause, then God needs a cause.” “Christians are hypocritical and judgmental.” “Religion exists because people want a psychological crutch.” “All religions are basically the same.” “You can’t prove God exists.” “A good God cannot exist if there’s evil in the world.” “A loving God would never let people suffer.” “I’m basically good, so God wouldn’t send me to hell.” “Christians are intolerant of people who believe differently.” “Jesus’ life story resembles pagan mythologies and is likewise a myth.” “Christians are guilty of the God-of-the-gaps fallacy.” “Imperfection in the natural world is evidence against a Designer.” “There are so many options, we could never figure out which God is real.” “God can’t create a rock too heavy for Him to lift; so He’s not all-powerful.” Features include: Split screen viewing with Bible text Add bookmarks, highlights, and personal notes to Bible text Quick, powerful search Customizable colors, fonts, and more Access to a library of titles through Olive Tree


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