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Father Frost

*** THE SUCCESS STORY GOES ON *** *** Desired by kids -- approved by kids *** ♡♡♡ Including our bestseller game „RiddleMe“ that had thousands of downloads ...

Discontinued App


*** THE SUCCESS STORY GOES ON *** *** Desired by kids -- approved by kids *** ♡♡♡ Including our bestseller game „RiddleMe“ that had thousands of downloads in a few days ♡♡♡ Father Frost is a multimedia, interactive illustrated book created by ImaginationStairs.com. This fairytale app inspires both young and old. It is an audio-, text- and game entertainment book at the same time! The high-resolution images suitable for children and hand-drawn by an experienced children's illustrator will inspire the whole family. Professional narrators, well known from audiobooks and radio shows, have read this story for you. As in all other illustrated interactive books produced by Imagination Stairs, you have a choice whether to read the story in different languages by yourself or to let the narrator read it. Learning foreign languages has got much easier now! The built-in games-to-find and automatically running interactive elements, as well as cleverly inserted sound effects and background music create a totally new magical experience. Content: Father Frost is a Russian folk tale. Each page has a beautiful illustration that can be animated in exciting ways. Only one tap will make the objects move, disappear or dance on the screen. Moreover, in many scenes there are our magic fairy bubbles hidden. Behind these magic fairy bubbles some great games for the whole family can be found. New features: * 14 high-resolution, unprecedented pictures that tell the story * Patience and aptitude training games ("RiddleMe", "Find difference", "Slinding Puzzle", "MemoMe") * Great music and sound effects * Interactive animations * Zoomable text to simplify reading for all ages * Text can be faded out * Text read by a professional narrators known from TV and Radio (English, German and Russian) * Great music and sound effects * Learning by playing for children from 3 years and up * Pedagogically selected fairytale Also available: -- Snowwhite --, -- Cinderella --, The sweet porridge--, --Mother Holle -- and --The little Muck-- ATTENTION: This app was developed for the iPad. On the iPhone & iPod Touch it looks very good, but the pages are, of course, somewhat small for reading on the go; for the games it takes little and skillful children's fingers - again, practice makes perfect .


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 154.03 MB


Price: 2,69 €

Developed by Quimron GmbH

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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