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Fax outgoing documents quickly and easily directly from your iPhone or iPad device, or directly from your email. With the Faxer app, sending out faxes ...

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Fax outgoing documents quickly and easily directly from your iPhone or iPad device, or directly from your email. With the Faxer app, sending out faxes without a fax machine is as simple as choosing the destination, adding one or more documents, and tapping "Send." (*Current version of Faxer is for send only faxing. You cannot receive faxes at this time.) You can also send faxes directly from your email account by attaching one or more PDF documents. Are you on the road a lot, and need to fax loan documents, forms, and other items and don't want to spend $$$ per sheet at the local packing supply store? With Faxer, you buy fax credits on a pay as you go basis. There are several options available for Faxer fax credit blocks for as little as 4 cents/page. And compared to other apps in the store, that are up to 10x the price per page, we provide a greater value for your dollar. (*Note: If for some reason your fax from Faxer fails (ie. you put in the wrong number, or the fax was busy), you will not be charged any fax credits. Only successful faxes reduce your Faxer fax credit amount.) If you're part of a small office or enterprise organization, Faxer handles shared accounts with per user and per device administration. You can have your whole office using Faxer within minutes all sharing a single pool of fax credits. Even if those in your organization do not have iOS devices, you can still invite them into the main account where they can use the fax by email option. Enjoy the following benefits with Faxer: - Fax one or more documents from your iPhone or iPad safely and securely to any fax machine in the US or Canada. - Fax one or more documents directly from your faxer registered email account. All credits are shared whether sending from your iOS device or directly from email. - Your faxed document is private and secure, as it is not stored on our servers once sending is complete. A copy does remain on your device for later viewing. - Buy only as many fax credits as you need. No need for monthly payments. - View an itemized history of your recent faxes, as well as view the actual fax document that was sent. - Optional OTA notifications when a fax has been sent. - Resend or re-purpose previous sent faxes and change just the phone number, cover sheet info, or add/remove documents. - Rich multi-user support for small business and enterprise. Per user and per device management for security and audit purposes. -HIPAA compliant. Tips for best results: - You can combine several documents to form your final fax package to be sent. Faxer can import PDF documents that are exported by many apps on your device, such as the Mail application, downloaded from the web, or "scanner" apps. Faxer can also import documents (PDF, PNG and JPG) through several popular cloud file sharing services like (Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.) - If you do plan on using Faxer's built in "scan" capability, make sure you have ample lighting to illuminate the source document for best readability. Adjust the image after you take a pic of the document to ensure the best fax destination output. *** By downloading and using Faxer you agree to not send unsolicited faxes or mass mailed faxes. Any account we find is receiving complaints will be terminated and no refund offered for any remaining credits.


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Version: 2.7

Size: 3.95 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Jampaq, Inc.

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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