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Feed Me Dollars

Feed Me Dollars is a financial tracking tool, where you can use it to track your everyday incomes and expenses. You can keep track of all you financial ...

Discontinued App


Feed Me Dollars is a financial tracking tool, where you can use it to track your everyday incomes and expenses. You can keep track of all you financial accounts in one place such as bank accounts, credit cards, retirement accounts, and etc. By using this app, you can see where your moneys flow to so you can make adjustment on your everyday spending to fit your budget. The app is very simple to use and intuitive, tracking everything is just a few simple tap away. Best of all, you won’t lose performance on using the app when you have recorded hundreds and thousands of transactions. (Note: We will not ask for more money after you paid for the app to unlock additional features like some app do. You are entitled to all the great new features free of charge in all the future updates.) Features: •Tracking multiple financial accounts. (Unlimited) • Sync across multiple devices using the intuitive Bluetooth syncing tools that’s built in the app. • Email yourself all the transactions and analyze it on your desktop using excel. (Support CSV, or Tab-delimited TXT format. More format will be added later) • Import data to Feed Me Dollars via document using iTunes or email. (Support QFX, OFX, QIF format. More format will be added later) • Free graphical reporting tool where you can see you transactions across all accounts or filter it down by individual account. > Expense VS income Report: breakdown by expense and income. > Category Report: breakdown on category. > Payee Report: breakdown on payee. > Classification Report: breakdown on classification. > Accounts Report: breakdown by each account. • Password protected app so no one can look at your private data. You can set password prompt delay from immediately to 2 hours. • Multiple currency support. Enter a transaction in a foreign currency and will be automatically convert to your native account currency. • 1-click currency rate refresh from the web so you don’t have to guess. • You can add other currencies if it is not one of the preset one. We have more than 30 most popular currencies already preloaded into the system with up to dated rate. • Recurring transactions support. Have the app automatically post you recurring transactions for you on a variety of frequencies. You can set it to post on the date of transaction or post up to 15 days in advance. • Auto transactions roll-up function to help purge old data and save system storage space. • Attach an image to your account or each of the transaction you post. You have the option to also save it into your camera-roll. • Reconcile and balance adjustment function: sometime your balance might be a little off and you need to make a onetime adjustment, we have an option to do just that. • Display current, cleared, or future balance with one simple tap. • Search transaction by keywords. • Customize transaction ordering. • Support different coloring themes. (more will be added in the future updates) Additional features will be added in future updates. (All updates are free) If you have any concerns, questions, suggestions, or report a bug, please email us at feedmedollar@gmail.com. We usually respond to email fairly quickly and will help you solve your problems. Please do not write your issue on the review as we can’t get back and help you with your needs. To see more screenshots, please visit our site at http://http://www.baby-schedule.com/FeedMeDollars/feedmedollars.php


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3.0

Size: 4.03 MB


Price: 1,79 €

Developed by Chong C Chan

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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