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Fey Mouse

Discover the Australian vintage gems of children’s book literature. We look for out-of-print vintage gems of Australian children's book literature and ...

Discontinued App


Discover the Australian vintage gems of children’s book literature. We look for out-of-print vintage gems of Australian children's book literature and breath new life into them by making them accessible on the iPad and iPhone at an incredible price. We carefully restore the vibrance of faded colors using digital post-processing and we ask the authors to read their stories for us, finally, we package everything in a gorgeous BookApp that is ready to be enjoyed in full retina resolution on the iPad and iPhone. The Story Fey Mouse is the story of a large and clumsy cat born into a family of highly talented mice. It’s a story about acceptance and coping successfully with being different. Fay Mouse was originally published in 1988 by Nelson and printed also in Middle East and Asia as it was chosen for richness of language and illustrations. Fey Mouse is authored by Hazel Edwards a beloved award winning Australian Author with more than 200 hundreds books under her belt and It’s illustrated by award winning artist Kilmeny Niland who illustrated, among other titles, the popular ‘An Aussie Night Before Christmas’ and ‘Two Bad Teddies’. Hazel Edwards says about Fey Mouse: A young reader emailed saying she wanted to be a ‘feymouse (famous) Arthur (author) ‘ when she grew up. So, I created a large and clumsy cat born into a highly talented family of mice. ‘Fey’ is an old style word which means quirky or unusual. And the unfortunate cult of the ‘celeb’ , of being famous for being famous, rather than solving a problem for others, has always intrigued me. ‘Fey’ is all of us. We can identify with gentle clumsiness and good intentions. ‘Feymouse’ is like my ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake’ in that it has an enduring theme of compassionate support of a friend , and is deceptively simple but has symbolic sub text for adults too. Features - 1988 vintage children book restored to twentieth century digital splendour. - Gorgeous illustrations by Kilmeny Niland at retina resolution. - Narrated by its author Hazel Edwards. - ‘Read to me’ or ‘Read it myself’ reading modes. - PopUp Tap and discover interactivity on each page. Touch and find out what characters are thinking and saying, voiced by Hazel Edwards. - Beautiful, kid friendly interface, swipe or tap. - No Ads, No in App purchases, No kid unfriendly surprises. - Background music can be adjusted or muted. - Small digital fingerprint on the devices (less than 50mb). - Universal App If you want to know more about the Vintage Australian Book project or get in touch with us go to our website www.blue-quoll.com. You can also follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bluequoll to get to know us directly, watch projects evolving and taking shape, be the first to know about promotions and promo-codes giveaways. Blue Quoll Digital www.blue-quoll.com www.facebook.com/bluequoll More Apps by us - Mr Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes | Puss in Boots the Great Adventure


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