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Audio Books on Fiction Features: - More than 300 audio books - Search facility in the database - Easy Navigation and UI scheme - Chapter to chapter movements - ...

Discontinued App


Audio Books on Fiction Features: - More than 300 audio books - Search facility in the database - Easy Navigation and UI scheme - Chapter to chapter movements - Narration speed changer - High volume settings (upto 6X) - Bookmarks - Settings and much more….. Some Details: ** Busy times call for some workarounds. One of the distinct advantages of audio books over its more physical form is that it saves time. Audio books take away a sliver of fun from the enjoyment of a book, but if the voiceover is well done, it makes up for it. ** With the explosion of personal media players like iPods, iPhones and iPads which can carry media files, even a routine walk can be turned into an education. ** Not all books are good for easy listening. Audio books in this app lend themselves well to listening while walking. ** The search for audio books may not always get you the title you want. Even then, you can get a few gems when you go searching. So, where do you go searching for free audio books to download and enjoy? The app covers almost all the audio books available on fiction. ** Some books are just mind-blowingly different - because of a great unique "what if" premise, a unique perspective, an usual concept turned on its head or a heck of a believable surprising ending. Here in this app you will find 300 plus unique audio books on fiction. *** Some of the books included are: Pride and Prejudice, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, The Return of the Native, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Swiss Family Robinson, Anne of Green Gables, Dracula, Emma, Our Island Story, Moby Dick, or the Whale, Short Science Fiction Collection, Sense and Sensibility, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Treasure Island, Pollyanna, The Decameron, The Secret Garden, War and Peace, Oliver Twist, The War of the Worlds, Uncle Tom's Cabin, David Copperfield, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Odyssey, Grimms' Fairy Tales, Poems Every Child Should Know, A Tale of Two Cities, Andersen's Fairy Tales, Frankenstein, or Modern Prometheus, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Great Expectations, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Gulliver's Travels, Robinson Crusoe, A Little Princess, King Solomon's Mines, Mansfield Park, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Mysterious Island, Persuasion, The Call of the Wild, The Canterbury Tales, Little Women, Ulysses, This Side of Paradise, The Federalist Papers, The Invisible Man, Don Quixote, The Divine Comedy, Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases, The Colors of Space, A Journey to the Interior of the Earth, A Princess of Mars, Candide, Around the World in Eighty Days, Anne of the Island, Last Days of Pompeii, The Wind in the Willows, North and South, Black Beauty, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Aesop's Fables, Northanger Abbey, The Mystery of the Yellow Room, The Man Who was Thursday, A Nightmare, The Three Musketeers, Anne of Avonlea, Anne's House of Dreams, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Found There, The Phantom of the Opera, Tarzan of the Apes, Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, Peter Pan, The Age of Innocence, The Scarlet Letter, Just So Stories, Heart of Darkness, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, The Pilgrim's Progress, The Red Badge of Courage, White Fang, Anthem, English Fairy Tales, West African Folk Tales, The Prince and the Pauper, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Short Story Collection, Short Ghost Story Collection, The Turn of the Screw, Wuthering Heights, Bleak House, The Gods of Mars, The Souls of Black Folk, Heidi, The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, Night and Day, Far From the Madding Crowd, 2 B R 0 2 B, Robinson Crusoe Written Anew for Children, Chronicles of Avonlea, The Angel of Terror, The Scarecrow of Oz. etc


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