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Field Force Management Application Overview Field Force is a location-based mobile resource management tool that provides SAP ERP customers with the ...

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Field Force Management Application Overview Field Force is a location-based mobile resource management tool that provides SAP ERP customers with the ability to locate, monitor, and communicate with their mobile field workers. It provides different modules which can be used by both managers and employees. Employees can access the application while in the field. They can clock in and out of any order assigned to them, receive and reply to messages, and access maps for directions to the job location. Field Force allows companies to measure, manage, and optimize their mobile service organizations through a suite of application functionality. The application can be customized to use any data source, including but not limited to MySQL, SQL, web services, an SAP process, or through Sybase Unwired Server. Key Functionality (v1.0) Technician Modules • Receive, accept, and reject work orders. • Start and stop work progress. • Log working hours. • Create a request to a manager. • Track the status of a request (Pending, Approved, Rejected). • Set reminders. • Access to customer information like name, email, and phone number. • Service location map will display orders and technicians in your area. • Field Force Messenger allows technicians and managers to communicate with all members of the team via chat. Chat statuses can be set to Available, Away or Busy. Key Functionality (v1.0) Manager Modules • Create and track work order statuses (Pending, Assigned, Completed). • Set reminders. • Access customer information. • View technician status (Available, Busy, Away). • Manage requests from technicians for rejection or approval. • Service location allows the manager to visually identify pending orders and assign them to the closest technician. • Access to reports based on performance, jobs done per technician, etc. • Access to Field Force Messenger. Value to Your Business • Helps managers and employees increase their productivity using a mobile device. • Increase order distribution and work assignment efficiency. • Reduce operating costs. • Increase worker productivity with access to real time information from their managers as well as an ERP system. • Streamline business processes. • Submit and assign new work orders instantly. • Real-time tracking of work orders and statuses. • Electronic timecards. • Location management and tracking via iOS Maps. • Track key performance indicators for workers. • Chat via iMessage for secure and instant communication. Value to the IT Organization • Built through SUP 2.1.3 for easy and secure integration to your database or ERP system. • Online/Offline capable


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Version: 1.294

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Day of release: 2012-10-23

Recommended age: 4+

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