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“File Transfer PRO” is a convenient application that ranks 1st overall in the AppStore in 3 countries and 1st in the "Productivity" category in 14 countries. File ...

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“File Transfer PRO” is a convenient application that ranks 1st overall in the AppStore in 3 countries and 1st in the "Productivity" category in 14 countries. File Transfer PRO lets you easily transfer photos, images and files on an iPad or iPhone over to another iPad or iPhone. This software lets you transfer files to one or to multiple terminals allowing you to share photos and videos with friends, share documents, and hold paperless meetings at your school or office. You can zip and unzip files and folders, making it useful for business, too. It is packed with security features, enabling you to add a password when sending a file, set a time limit for file browsing, and lock the application when it starts. See the instruction video on our company website or refer to our manual. Sending files is easy. 【Procedure】 1.《Sending Side》To send a file, the file must first be imported into "File Transfer PRO".   ・ Import a file by linking from another application (Open In...).   ・ Import photos or videos from PhotoLibrary.   ・ Imports files from iTunesSync.   ・ Server download 2.《Receiving Side》start "File Transfer". 3.《Sending Side》Select the file to send and Tap the "Send" button. 4.《Receiving Side》 tap the "Receive" button.   When the file receiving starts, the message changes from “Ready for receiving…” to “Receiving…” 5.《Receiving Side》When the file receiving is completed, the received file appears. 6.《Sending Side》When sending to the device waiting to receive the file is completed, the following message appears: "Send Completed."   Tap "Cancel" to finish the sending process.   To continue the sending process, wait without tapping Cancel.You can continue to transfer. 【Key features】 ・Send Files ・Receive Files ・Change a File or a Folder Name ・Delete Files and Folders ・Importe Photos or Videos from PhotoLibrary ・Importe from iTunesSync ・Send to iTunesSync ・Attach a File to an E-mail ・Open a File in Another App ・Save to PhotoLibrary ・Edit(Change the File and Folder Sort Order,Select or Deselect All Files) ・Change the Wallpaper ・Set My Wallpaper ・Creat a Folder ・Move Files or Folders 【Functions Available in File Transfer PRO】 ・Send Files with a Password ・Send Files with a Time Limit for Browsing ・Create a Zip File ・Unzip a Zip File ・PC Connect ・WebDAV and SMB connections are supported ・Set a password for when the app starts 【Restrictions】 Number of connection terminals: Wi-Fi: 5 recommended, Bluetooth: 3 recommended Transfer size: Wi-Fi: up to 2MB recommended, Bluetooth: up to 1MB recommended *Varies depending on actual communication environment


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2.0

Size: 10.59 MB


Price: $ 5.44

Developed by Forval Telecom, Inc.

Day of release: 2012-11-27

Recommended age: 4+

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