Final Theory Test Singapore (FTT SG)

★ Featured on App Store (Education) - What's New #1! ★ From the developers of BTT SG - Top #3 app in the App Store (Education) ★ Get 130 free questions ...

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★ Featured on App Store (Education) - What's New #1! ★ From the developers of BTT SG - Top #3 app in the App Store (Education) ★ Get 130 free questions and in-app purchase for a total of 649 questions @ only $2.58! ★ Why pay for an app that is $4 when you can download ours for free! ★ Now compatible with iPhone 5 and iOS 6! Final Theory Test Singapore (FTT SG) provides you with the latest questions and basic driving techniques in an interactive on-the-go application. FTT SG provides you with more options than all other FTT learning programs, websites and applications. Practice and prepare yourself with FTT SG whenever and wherever you like! FTT SG is all you need to get you ready to pass your FTT! Advantages: ★ Economical Cost less than learning programs available for the PC and provides you with more features! ★ Easy to use Simply swipe to navigate through the questions! Option to resume your practice or test if you did not complete it previously. ★ Realistic Test yourself in a simulated FTT as many times as you wish. ★ Perfect preparation ★ 649 questions for practice. ★ Works offline ★ Reminder for your upcoming FTT ★ Live videos and maps for all practical test routes Features: LEARN mode ✓ Familiarize yourself with basic driving and parking techniques and many more! PRACTICE mode ✓ Practice questions relevant to FTT. ✓ Questions divided into handy categories. ✓ Helpful explanations provided with most questions. ✓ Bookmark questions which you wish to take a second look at a later time. TEST mode ✓ Simulate an actual FTT. ✓ Complete randomly selected questions within a real time limit. ✓ Results and explanations displayed after the test. ✓ Compiles the results from your previous attempts for you to monitor your progress. Final Theory Test Dates & Reminder ✓ Check out the latest available FTT dates at the 3 driving centres. ✓ Set the date of your FTT on the reminder alarm. ✓ Reminds you to learn, practice and take the simulated test before your actual FTT. Practical Test Routes ✓ Maps of all practical test routes at all 3 driving centres. ✓ Live video to familiarize yourself with all the practical test routes of your driving centre! In-App Purchases available for you to upgrade the app and expand the question bank! ----------------------------------------- Let us know if you have any feedbacks or questions! Visit us at our facebook page: If you like our app, do take a minute to rate and write a review on our app. Sincerely, FTT SG Team - Lee Sing Jie - Yeo Xue Liang - Linus Ho


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 16.28 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Lee Sing Jie

Day of release: 2012-11-6

Recommended age: 4+

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