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The Finance topic of HSC Business Studies is one that students struggle with every year. That`s why we`ve made sure that this is the first ...

Discontinued App


The Finance topic of HSC Business Studies is one that students struggle with every year. That’s why we’ve made sure that this is the first app to be released in this series of HSC Cram Apps. It is designed to give a fast, but thorough, guide to this difficult topic. This is NOT A FLASHCARD APP - everything is ACTUALLY EXPLAINED to you. The app focuses directly on the exam and how to maximise your marks in the limited time available. This is not a substitute for 18 months of solid work, but it can certainly supplement it by giving you an overview that is not available anywhere else. Some of the FEATURES of the Finance Cram App include: HOURS OF VIDEOS (but you could get through them all in one night…): Each part of the topic is explained in a VISUAL LECTURE (check out the screenshots). Every video has been carefully constructed to help you study effectively. This is the SHORT VERSION of the topic, but it’s NOT OVER-SIMPLIFIED. EVERY FINANCIAL RATIO IS EXPLAINED: Because this app uses videos, the explanations for each of the financial ratios SHOW YOU what to look for and how to do every part of a ratio question. There are even ‘CHEAT SHEETS’ that you can use for quick reference that cover all the ratios, what they mean and how to improve them. THE SYLLABUS IS MADE SO MUCH CLEARER: The app uses a visual, colour-coded syllabus to guide you through each of the dot-points and to help you memorise the subheadings. Don’t be mistaken - memorising the syllabus is a key part of succeeding in the Business Studies exam and it has never been made easier than this. EVERYTHING IS SELF-CONTAINED: All the videos and guides are contained in the app itself - there are no links to external videos or sites, so you can study wherever you want without being worried about not having an internet connection. BUT IT’S NOT YOUR TEXTBOOK: Even though the app covers the main dot-points of the syllabus, it DOES NOT cover case studies or current business issues. For that, you need a good textbook (the Creative Business Studies one is the best - it’s so underrated and underused). VIDEOS INCLUDED (Total- 3 hours 29 minutes): 1. The 7 FINANCIAL RATIOS and Strategies to FIX THEM: a.Ratio Basics b.Current Ratio c.Debt to Equity Ratio d.Gross Profit Ratio e.Net Profit Ratio f.Return on Equity Ratio g.Expenses Ratio h.Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio 2. HOW TO DO RATIO ANALYSIS QUESTIONS 3. The ROLE of financial management a.INTERDEPENDENCE with the OTHER KBFs b.The STRATEGIC ROLE of financial management c.Financial management OBJECTIVES 4. INFLUENCES on financial management a.INTERNAL sources of finance b.EXTERNAL sources of finance c.FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS d.Influence of GOVERNMENT e.GLOBAL market influences 5. PROCESSES of financial management a.PLANNING and IMPLEMENTING b.MONITORING and CONTROLLING (the 3 STATEMENTS/SHEETS) c.COMPARATIVE ratio analysis d.LIMITATIONS of financial reports e.ETHICAL ISSUES 6. Financial management STRATEGIES (most are already included in the section on financial ratios) a.GLOBAL financial management PLUS, there’s the visual guide to the syllabus AND the financial ratio cheat sheets. There’s plenty here for every student to get something out of this app, even if it’s just a few extra marks. DISCLAIMER: This does not come from the Board of Studies. There is no guarantee of success here.


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