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Best contents | Very Well Categorized Banking & Finance Chinese Mandarin Sentences | Authentic Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation | HEAR, READ & LEARN ...

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Best contents | Very Well Categorized Banking & Finance Chinese Mandarin Sentences | Authentic Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation | HEAR, READ & LEARN with Chinese Character Writings + Mandarin Chinese's Pinyin + English | Many more features... *** Money, Growth and Finance Jobs are in China › Prepare yourself & go for it! *** "Think for yourself and your children: Be more versatile in terms of job prospects in finance industry!" Huge layoff at financial institutions and repeated financial instability is the new reality of Global finance landscape. Money, growth, stability and finance jobs are in China & Asia. It is your shelter in the storm. This application prepares you to work in China or any Mandarin speaking companies and seek jobs, banking & finance services and investment opportunities in China. Besides, it familiarizes you with aspects of Chinese Banking & finance's protocol and culture. "Learn Chinese Pro - Phrasebook for Finance & Banking in China" is UNIQUE IN MARKET and specifically designed for professionals, opportunists, job seekers, investors and literally anyone who are desperate to learn speaking, reading and writing Banking & Finance Mandarin Chinese and to enhance communication skills and vocabulary in action. Features: ◎ COMPREHENSIVE & ESSENTIAL vocabularies & scenario-based sentences that cover ALL day-to-days needs in (Mandarin Chinese speaking) Banking & Finance environment rather than merely a language study pack. ◎ AUTHENTIC PRONUNCIATION in Mandarin Chinese for each vocabulary/scenario-based sentence that help expressing your needs and views. ◎ HEAR, READ & LEARN! ALL vocabularies/scenario-based sentences come with CHINESE CHARACTER WRITINGS, MANDARIN CHINESE’s PINYIN and ENGLISH that MAXIMIZES UNDERSTANDING and LEARNING OUTCOME. ◎ CAREFULLY CATEGORIZED vocabularies/scenario-based sentences that WELL PREPARE you to make a fortune in China with Mandarin Chinese. ◎ STORE YOUR FAVORITES that you can keep favored vocabularies/scenario-based sentences and retrieve easily. ◎ AUTHENTIC PRONUNCIATION PLAY then RESUME YOUR NOW PLAYING MUSIC/SOUND AUTOMATICALLY thereafter while you are playing music, on a telephone call or any occasion you having other uses of the speakerphone/earphone. Vocabularies/Scenario-Based Sentences cover: - Number - Currency - Transactions - Countries - Banking & Finance - Bank - Financial Statements - Products - Money Market - Economics & Markets - Funds If you require any assistance, please contact us at cs@bravolol.com. Remember that we can solve most of the problems, but we cannot respond to comments. Thanks for your support.


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