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“What type of career would suit me now?" "How can I get on better with people at work?" “I have my first two job offers - which one should I take?” “Why ...

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“What type of career would suit me now?" "How can I get on better with people at work?" “I have my first two job offers - which one should I take?” “Why do I find my job boring when colleagues find it interesting?” “What kind of employer would suit my personality and preferences?” Every day in the US and UK alone an estimated 55 million people go online to search for job information. But they may not be searching effectively if they don’t know what jobs would best suit their personalities. That’s where MyTypeOfJob® by PersonalityExpress™ can help. MyTypeOfJob® is easy to use and provides practical, real, concrete suggestions for types of job and working environment that a person might enjoy - their ‘Preferences’ - based on their Personality Type. When a person looks at the overlap between these preferences and their ‘Competencies’ (what they are good at or qualified in*) then their career options become clearer. How does it work? There are a few simple opinion-based questions (all answers are valid, there are no wrong answers) that give an indication of your preferences and personality. Based on the outcomes you can browse ideas for the sorts of jobs that people with a similar personality and preferences to you typically enjoy. Not only that, you’ll get a description of useful “At Work” information for all the different Personality Types, for example: What might make them mad; How they may annoy others What the best sort of working environment might be; How they work best What they want from a boss; What they offer as workmate Their sense of humour; How they may react under stress You will see different viewpoints, and this may explain why you and a colleague may have different opinions. There’s also a “Just for fun” section that takes a light-hearted view of what each Personality Type may be like as an employee. PersonalityExpress™ and its associated suite of Apps is designed to provide practical help in difficult situations. Disagreements and mistakes arise in the world mainly because people perceive the world (or a particular situation) in different ways, and prefer to make decisions in different ways. An understanding of how or why other people's viewpoints and decision-making is not the same as our own can inform and modify our approach. Personality Type - pioneered by psychologist Carl Jung - is one of the most popular and effective tools to assist. The PersonalityExpress™ suite of tools is a fast and easy way to understand Personality Type and to apply it to a range of practical situations. No advertising and no additional purchase necessary, you receive full functionality. MyTypeOfJob® by PersonalityExpress™. Seriously the best of its Type. *Note that this app does not look at qualifications or salaries required as this would be beyond the capabilities of an app. What the app does is help a person choose the sort of career they might find fulfilling.


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Version: 1.4

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Developed by PeopleFanClub

Day of release: 2012-10-3

Recommended age: 4+

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