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Find Places is a location-based app to help you in looking for places of your interest. This app would use your current location for some of its functionality ...

Discontinued App


Find Places is a location-based app to help you in looking for places of your interest. This app would use your current location for some of its functionality and Location services need to be enabled. Locations Services can be enabled by going into Settings->Location Services. Location service should be enabled for this specific app too. 1) Find directions from any source address to destination address. Will help you finding direction from any source to any destination address without tying the same address every time. You can type address, pick your current location as source address or pick an address from saved addresses. Directions can be viewed in web view or map view. 2) Search for anything around any given location. If you want to find out about a particular business address, contact number or something like fast food outlets, shops, hotels, atm of any particular bank, bank braches, cinemas, consulates, shoe shops etc, this functionality will assist you in it. Enter business name or any other place you want to search as a keyword and choose a location around where you want to search for it. For example, you want to know fast food outlets, cafés or any particular business name around your current location, or in other suburb, just enter that suburbs name and fast food as search text. It will give you all the fast food outlets in that suburb with street addresses and contact details, distance from your current location to that address. If you want to find directions to any searched place, just one click will do that for you. If you looking for an address to use later on, no problem. Search it, save it and use whenever you need it. You don’t have to go through search process again. You can enter any text as a keyword in search field. To find KFC in Sydney, You will enter KFC in search field and Sydney NSW in location field. And result will display addresses of KFC outlets with the distance from you. One more click, give you their contact details, location on map and find out the directions from your current location. Search text can contain anything like consulates, jeweler, pizza, doctor, atm of any bank, particular banks (ANZ, Westpac etc), star bucks, Gloria jeans, cinemas etc. Anything you want to search for, you can do that. And you don’t have to save contact numbers of searched results to make a call, search the business name and you can call the number from with in app. 3) Save any address. If you go to one address more often from different locations and need to know directions, just enter that address once and save it and use whenever you need to know the directions to that place from any location you are at or you can just bookmark that location when you at that place. You don’t have to type any address. Just one click will do it for you. 4) Bookmark a location. If you are walking down a street and you noticed a shop or a place where you want to come again, just bookmark those locations with one click and get directions to there from wherever you are when you need it 5) Find events happening in your city. Enter your city and state and find out some interesting events happenings around there.


Technical specifications

Version: v1.0

Size: 7.15 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Sunil Kumar

Day of release: 2012-01-27

Recommended age: 4+

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