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[The updated version is compatible with the NEW IPAD. ] -. screen error fixed on iOS 5.x ★#1 Free Education App (Korean app store) ★#3 Free Education ...

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[The updated version is compatible with the NEW IPAD. ] -. screen error fixed on iOS 5.x ★#1 Free Education App (Korean app store) ★#3 Free Education App (Japanese app store) ★“App of the week" at Apps for Homeschooling ★iPad App of the Week (Korean app store) 1234 +567 = ? Are you worried that your child doesn’t like math, or lacks basic math skills? Basic calculation skills are the first step to being good at math. To that end, SMATOOS has created the 'FingerMath ABACUS - addition,subtraction' app, a gorgeous digital learning tool that helps children gain confidence and improve their basic math skills. Children can learn the principles of arithmetic quickly and easily with FingerMath ABACUS, and build strong foundations for math by using the app to solve math problems of varying levels of difficulty. [Features] ✔No complicated instructions. Children learn intuitively and easily. ✔Important concepts are reinforced through a variety of math problems, which can be repeated as many times as necessary. ✔Beautifully designed graphics and sounds were inspired by nature and make this app attractive to children. ✔Virtual awards are given whenever a step has been completed or a concept mastered. Rewarding achievement inspires continued learning and a deeper level of commitment. [Structure] ✔ Tutorial: The first basic four steps of tutorial will allow children to learn how to use abacus. Through full version, children can learn how an abacus works at their own pace through a nine-step tutorial. The full version is available through In-App Purchase. ✔ Easy, Medium, Hard: At free version, 12 steps of Easy addition problems are provided. The full version has more than 100 addition and subtraction problems of different difficulties (Easy, Normal and Hard) which increase in difficulty as the child’s skills develop. ✔ My Abacus: This is a digital abacus designed to be used like a real abacus. Once children have learned how to use the app, they can play with “My Abacus” and see how their abilities have grown! ✔ Stamps: The app records and retain information about how many hours it’s been in use, the number of steps completed, if any new records have been set, etc. Users can track their own progress as their abilities improve. Free Version: - Tutorial (4 steps) - Easy (12 steps of addition) - My ABACUS, Stamp Full Version: - Tutorial (9 steps) - Easy (12 steps of addition, 12 steps of subtraction, 12 steps of combinations of addition and subtraction) - Normal (36 steps) - Hard (36 steps) - My ABACUS, Stamp *If you experience any problems using our app, please check if we’ve answered your query below before contacting us* 1)If you’re asked to purchase the app again after you’ve made the in-app purchase and reinstalled the app Don’t worry! It’s normal to receivethis message. If you click on“Buy full version”, you’ll see a message:“Do you want to buy the Full Version for $0.99?”If you select “buy” and type in the password, you’ll see a message saying “You've already purchased this”. This means that you have already purchased this app. Just tap“buy”,and you’ll receive the full version – don’t worry, you won’t be charged extra. 2)If you experience bugs As noted in the description, our app requires iOS4.3 or later, so if you’re running an earlier version of iOS you might encounter a bug or two. If so, email with your device and iOS details and we will try our best to solve the problem ASAP. ** Leave your review/opinion about FingerMath ABACUS**


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2

Size: 45.42 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Smatoos

Day of release: 2012-03-27

Recommended age: 4+

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