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Fire Accountability LITE

Fire Accountability Lite is an evaluation version of Fire Accountability. While some of the features from Fire Accountability have been disabled in the ...

Discontinued App


Fire Accountability Lite is an evaluation version of Fire Accountability. While some of the features from Fire Accountability have been disabled in the Lite version, the app will still give users the ability to evaluate the app, and use most features for only 99 cents. **Lite Version** Fire Accountability is revolutionary tool for tracking firefighting personnel on fire scenes. For decades, Fire Officers have attempted hundreds of methods to keep track of crews operating in hazard zones. Fire Accountability was designed for this purpose, and this purpose alone. Creator, Fire Chief Bob Ruff, is determined to “…know where every firefighter is located, on every fire scene, at all times, every time!” The app is user friendly, and fully customizable. Fire Accountability can be set up for your department’s operations in minutes. In the Set Up screen, you will have the option to pre-program up to 50 companies. This simple feature allows the app to be adapted for use in systems ranging from large metro departments to the smallest rural departments. Whether your department uses engine companies, team numbers, or a combination of the two, Fire Accountability will work for you. While still in the Set Up screen, select a Benchmark Time, your default email address for time stamped logs and you’re ready to Command your first incident. Fire Accountability works great with BLUE CARD! Simplicity is the key. Fire Accountability utilizes simple drag and drop technology to track crews. After selecting from one of dozens of structures type configurations, Wild Fire or Dive Rescue, the user will be taken to the Accountability Screen. This is where you will stay, until the conclusion of your incident. In the Accountability Screen, you will find a visual representation of the incident that you've selected, divided into divisions, along with your pre-programmed companies. As you assign units, just drag and drop them into their divisions. Using the “NEW” company icon, you can add as many companies to your incident as you need. It all happens right there. No jumping from screen to screen. The user will have a clear look at all of their companies, at all times. Fire Accountability also assists Fire Officers in managing MAYDAYs. The MAYDAY function is one of dozens of great features imbedded in the app. Fire Accountability will also remind you to perform key functions, as the incident progresses. As you complete tasks like conducting a primary search, hooking up to an FDC, assigning a Safety Officer or contacting utilities, the application tracks your progress. Forget one of these critical tasks and Fire Accountability will alert to remind you. The accountability screens also contain a running timer, to help you track your time on scene. At your pre-selected benchmark times, the app will alarm reminding you to conduct a par, re-assess or confirm your strategy. All these features packed into one simple screen! Other "behind the scenes" features include an UNDER ROOF TIMER, REHAB TIMER and an UNDER WATER TIMER, for divers. When you drop a company inside of a building, an internal timer starts. After the crew has been inside for 20 minutes, the timer will activate causing their icon to flash white and blue until they exit the building. When a crew has been sitting in rehab for 30 minutes, their icon will turn green, indicating that they should be ready to be recycled. As divers are under the water, their icon will turn green, yellow, then red the longer they are under. All these features packed into one simple app is making tactical worksheets obsolete! Fire Accountability can be used on iPads as well as iPhones. However, iPhone use intended for training purposes only. It is not recommended to manage actual incident scenes on an iPhone.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2

Size: 4.41 MB


Price: 0,89 €

Developed by Robert Ruff

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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