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Fire Brush

The world's first calligraphy app to reproduce the exact touch you made with your fingers! You can replay the calligraphy you made with your own speed ...

Discontinued App


The world's first calligraphy app to reproduce the exact touch you made with your fingers! You can replay the calligraphy you made with your own speed and process of writing, change the size and place of the stamps and even choose the color of ink. It is the best app to show appreciation and impress the feeling of love using your own handwritten calligraphy! You can also use this app to teach how to write, teach the stroke order, or as a drawing app. This can be your new communicating tool. Amazing new app that appears as a calligraphy's Renaissance, carving out an outstanding new age of the history of the calligraphy. Create the new way of art with your vast creativity! Manual book is scheduled to be published from Kosaido Publishing on February, 2013! [Main Functions] - Record the move for 80 seconds while touching the display. - 12 colors of the brushes are based on the Japanese traditional colors used in kimono called "Junihitoe" (meaning 12-layered kimono). - There are 24 different stamps and you can change its size, position and direction. You may also use the stamp before writing and use as many stamps as you wish within a time frame. - There are 12 backgrounds including Japanese paper, blackboard and Ema (wooden tablets dedicate to Japanese shrines writing one's wishes). - You can save the finished work in the Gallery. You may also save the work directly into your iPad photo album. - You can adjust thickness of lines. - There are 3 different transparency types. - You may choose to play Japanese-style background music. [Basic Operations] (From left to right) 1. The background comes up randomly when you turn on the app. If you have a particular background you want, you can change with the background button. 2. The move will be recorded for 80 seconds after you start writing. 3. The time counting will be stopped while choosing stamps. 4. You can change the size of selected stamp by pulling rotate button to the right-upper hand, and you can rotate the stamp by simply making a circular motion. You can also change its position by touching the stamp and pulling it to the place where you want it to be located. 5. Press the save button on the right to save when you finish writing. 6. Select the work you want to replay and press the play button to start. [Description of the Display Buttons] - Adjust the thickness of the lines by touching the bar at the left. - Transparency can be selected by touching one of the 3 circles located beside the thickness button. (Very light, Light, Normal) - Select the color by touching the square-shaped button. The color you chose will be shown in the window. - Press the "fire (火)" button and you can choose the stamp. - Press the mesh-imaged button to change the background. - Press the arrow button to undo the last move. - Press the trash button to start from the beginning. - When you first touch the display, the clock will automatically starts to count down 80. When it comes to 0, it will ask you "Would you like to save this movie?". By pressing "Yes", your work will be saved in the app's Gallery. If you want to save the work before 80 seconds, simply press the "Save" button. - Press the note button (Note) to play the background music. <Gallery Page> -Select the work you wish to replay, and the play button (▶) will come up. Press this to start. - Press the "Gallery" button that comes up on the bottom to go back to the Gallery page. Pressing "Save to the photo album" will save the work you have played into your iPad photo album. - Press the Edit button to delete the work. - If you want to go back and start on working on a new document, press the "+NEW" button that is shown on the upper-left corner.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 72.24 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by junichi nakanishi

Day of release: 2012-12-12

Recommended age: 4+

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