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Firefighter Academy is a study and training guide for firefighters and fire company officers. This is an excellent tool to help you pass your initial ...

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Firefighter Academy is a study and training guide for firefighters and fire company officers. This is an excellent tool to help you pass your initial certification exam with flying colors, or to refresh and keep your skills sharp long after you become certified. This fun interactive quiz software, or "electronic flashcards", provides the most high quality sample questions you will find for firefighters at this price. Now with 100% more Hazmat Ops! There are flashcards, and then there are flashcards! We’ve been at this since the first Palm Pilot! Here are some advanced features that we provide, that set us apart from the competition: —Questions are revised and updated multiple times per year; you can easily email a question to us for an explanation or comment, from right within a quiz —Search for keywords to review questions covering a particular topic (i.e. "fire extinguisher") —Some cards include full color illustrations; most include explanations when these can be helpful —Universal app that supports iPhone and iPads, screen rotation, and all the things you expect, including support for iPhone 6's and iOS 9 —Cards can be bookmarked for quick access later —You can go back and just look at the questions you missed —Advanced score tracking keeps track of your progress daily, weekly, and monthly —GAME CENTER support so you can play with friends, compete on leaderboards, and earn achievements —There are no in-app purchases required to unlock the “real” app Over 500 FIREFIGHTER questions, many with explanations, divided into these chapters: --Fire Service Orientation --Incident Command System --Fire Behavior --Bldg Construction --PPE --Extinguishers --Ropes & Knots --Search & Rescue --Forcible Entry --Ladders --Ventilation --Water Supply --Fire Hose --Fire Streams --Fire Control --Detection Systems --Loss Control --Fire Cause --Communications --Intro to Hazmat Firefighter II Chapters: --Communications II --ICS II --Assisting Special Rescue --Hose Testing --Using Foam --Fire Control II --Detection Systems II --Loss Control II --Fire Cause II --Prevention & Education Plus we have a section of visual picture-based quizzes, because we all like to look at pictures, right? Over 300 FIRE COMPANY OFFICER questions divided into these chapters: --General --Human Resources --Community Relations --Administration --Inspections/Investigations --Emergency Operations --Safety Over 75 DRIVER OPERATOR/UTILITY questions divided into these chapters: --Types of Fire Apparatus --Inspection and Maintenance --Operating Emergency Vehicles --Positioning Apparatus --Apparatus Testing (we're planning on adding Pumper questions in a future update) Over 100 HAZMAT OPS questions divided into these chapters: As a special bonus, we're added more quizzes covering these related topics: --Medical First Responder (over 125 questions) --NIMS IS-700 (over 25 questions) --Wildland Fire (25 questions) --CPR Reference Guide THAT'S WELL OVER A THOUSAND QUESTIONS TOTAL!


Technical specifications

Version: 6.1

Size: 7.06 MB


Price: 2,53 €

Developed by Peakview Software LLC

Day of release: 2011-02-1

Recommended age: 4+

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