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Click below to see the You Tube training video for Full Version Firefighter Simulator. Or go to and type in "The Ultimate Firefighter Simulator" This is the only one of it’s kind, the Ultimate Fire Simulator now on the IPhone and IPad. This App was built by a Firefighter for Firefighters. Not only is it incredibly simple to use, but IT’S FREE!! Have the ability to create your own Structure Fire Scenarios, Multifamily Fire Scenarios, Vegetation Fire Scenarios and Commercial Strip Fire Scenarios using the uploaded pictures. Drop and Drag the smoke, fire, electrical shock or the rescue icon and build any Firefighter scenario you can think of. Utilize the tactical worksheet and have units arrive on scene in the order of your choosing and choose unit designator’s to match your departments…then email the scenario to your buddy who’s prepping for the next Captain or BC’s exam or run the scenario for the guys during morning briefing on the Apple TV. You build the scenario, email it to the one who's gonna be in the hot seat, get your 360 by sliding your finger from left to right or right to left, let them feel the pressure as the Incident Commander and as units randomly arrive on scene and into staging, order 2nd and 3rd Alarms, then drag the units to fill ICS positions like Fire Attack, Divisions and/or Groups, RIC, On Deck, Medical etc. Be sure to hit your Tactical Objectives and Benchmarks. It’s simple and incredibly cheap to upgrade to the fully functional Fire Simulator App just by clicking on the camera Icon….then go out in your city or district and take your own Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta Side pictures, build them into your simulator, drop and drag the Icons and let your imagination create any scenario you can think of. Also comes with sounds of fire burning and the sound of an electrical shock hazard to make this table top scenario generator as realistic as possible. Your gonna love it!!


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 57.97 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by rick snawder

Day of release: 2013-05-3

Recommended age: 4+

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