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First-Find has been designed to help buyers, designers, engineers and individuals who have an interest in data, IP voice and security networking technology ...

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First-Find has been designed to help buyers, designers, engineers and individuals who have an interest in data, IP voice and security networking technology to quickly gain product information from Networks First’s extensive database containing product data from Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Extreme, Nortel, HP, Nokia-Checkpoint,3Com, Enterasys, Brocade (Foundry) and many other leading manufacturers. Networks First are a specialist services organisation providing converged services for IP telephony, data networks and network security. The data provided by First-Find has been complied over the last 10 years to create an extensive database of networking products for the leading manufacturers and includes both new and old technologies. Data is added daily to the Networks First databases to keep information as current as possible. Information can be searched on product codes, by manufacturer or by product description. To make thing as easy as possible the search criteria can be typed in or the phone’s camera can be used to scan bar codes. If the phone has no telephony or WLAN connection then the search input will be saved and run when connection has resumed. This application has been designed to aide customers with a quick and easy tool to send equipment details and location information for manufacturer compliance. Using the GPS function the phone will allow the user to select the current location and the place where the equipment is normally located. For many manufacturers this is an important condition as part of their product registration process. The information returned from a search request includes full manufacturer’s product codes, a description and indicative list prices for both products and services. If the manufacturer has a chargeable service for an enhanced services such as software support or high level problem escalation then this will be shown. If available, the dates for the manufacturer’s end of sale and end of manufacturer’s support will be provided to help you during the planning and upgrade process of your communication infrastructure. In addition to searching generally on networking specific information, products can be searched against using the item’s serial number. If the serial number is registered on Networks First’s data base then full details about the product will be provided. Additional information such as if the product has been registered with the manufacturer under their software support program will also be shown. This is a developing database and not all serial numbers will be returned. The number of search requests are not limited and email downloads can be requested. Email downloads are limited to the information against 10 product codes per day. Wherever possible Networks First has endeavoured to included the latest information on current products. However, product list pricing is only indicative; the data is a culmination of information from various sources over time which means list prices and currency rates may have fluctuated. The data provided is not a quotation for a product or service but quotations can be requested from Networks First or one of its partners. The information provided is as accurate as possible but Networks First do not warrant its accuracy. If we are informed of any errors, omissions or changes that are required then these will be investigated and appropriate action taken. Any data we obtain through the registration process will not be exchanged with any third party without consent. Tips Barcode scanning, The main limitation of bar code scanning is the quality of the camera image. Very small bar codes maybe hard to scan with low resolution cameras. Ensure the bar code is well lit and not in shadow. Place the camera at a right angle to the bar code.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.2

Size: 7.29 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Networks 22 Limited

Day of release: 2010-11-5

Recommended age: 4+

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