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Fisabilillah Books App This is the Premium version, which allows offline use, and printing for non-commercial use. Feel free to print books for family ...

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Fisabilillah Books App This is the Premium version, which allows offline use, and printing for non-commercial use. Feel free to print books for family and friends and even for Da'wah purposes. Please note that printing is only supported on devices that have this feature enabled. The Fisabilillah Books App is a free library and eBook reader that will give you free access to the entire Fisabilillah book library including all previously unpublished titles. Fisabilillah Publications have prepared a collection of authentic books on a wide range of Islamic topics, which have been researched and authenticated by an entire team of qualified scholars. The books are in clear and simple English, with clear referencing to the original Islamic sources, and retain key Arabic texts along with a precise transliteration and unambiguous translation to cater to all audiences. Fisabilillah have distributed over a million free books in the UK on a wide range of topics, from: Iman - faith; and the basic pillars, i.e. Salaah, fasting, Zakaah, and Hajj; lessons on the sunnah and history; and various Du'a and Hadith collections; to more specific advice, on birth, marriage, raising children, death, and more. As well as a whole selection of books aimed at Da'wah and new Muslims. 23 books in total were printed and distributed by Fisabilillah Publications. However, almost 60 books had been prepared (some even completed) before funding issues brought the project to an untimely stop. Topics, such as Tajwid (Qur’an recitation guide), inheritance, History, special prayers taught by the Prophet (peace be upon him), the Names of Allah, as well a greater variety of Da’wah books; which have been completed by the same Fisabilillah research team, will be included in this App. Fisabilillah Digital aims to bring this entire indispensible library, once again for free to your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computers. The app will inform you to the availability of new books as they are uploaded, so that you may benefit from them without any delays. We hope to fund this project through supporting Islam-compliant advertising which will not affect your reading experience. Please also note that we will not collect any data from users’ devices. Should you wish to advertise, please contact our marketing department by visiting our website We also hope that you will opt to install the premium version of this App which will facilitate the retaining of the books on your phone/tablet so you can, download all the books on Wi-Fi, and read them offline without having to worry about carrier data charges. We will treat your purchase as a donation which we will utilise for further research and/or developments. We hope you will enjoy and benefit from our Fisabilillah Books App – and we also hope that you will join in the good work by introducing your family, friends and contacts to the researched and authentic work of Fisabilillah Publications.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0

Size: 47.36 MB


Price: 6,99 €

Developed by Fisabilillah Digital

Day of release: 2013-07-1

Recommended age: 4+

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