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Fixmo SafeZone Workspace Edition

The Fixmo SafeZone Secure Productivity Suite keeps your enterprise email and confidential business data secured, managed and completely separated from ...

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The Fixmo SafeZone Secure Productivity Suite keeps your enterprise email and confidential business data secured, managed and completely separated from the personal data on Apple® iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch® devices. With Fixmo SafeZone, employees can safely access enterprise Email, Calendar, Contacts and intranet websites from a secured workspace that keeps all business-related applications and data encrypted, password-protected and under IT control. Employees can also create, edit, store and manage Microsoft Office® and PDF documents within the secure workspace and use the integrated Secure Camera to safely capture business-related photos. Fixmo SafeZone enables unprecedented productivity for mobile employee while ensuring IT organizations can maintain corporate security and compliance. NOTE: The Fixmo SafeZone secure workspace application will not function without the necessary Fixmo Enterprise Mobility Platform server software. In order to activate the Fixmo SafeZone application, please contact your IT administrator. CONTAIN AND PROTECT YOUR CORPORATE DATA Fixmo SafeZone keeps private corporate data and applications stored in a "secure sandbox" environment that remains fully isolated and contained from the personal side of the device. The secure workspace is encrypted and password-protected, therefore corporate data remains secured even when the device itself is unlocked. And if an employee loses a device or leaves the organization, IT can remotely lock or wipe the corporate data and apps without impacting the personal side of the device. FULL ENTERPRISE PRODUCTIVITY SUITE IN ONE SECURE WORKSPACE Fixmo SafeZone provides the following functionality from within the secure and managed workspace: •Enterprise Email: Safely access and manage your enterprise email while keeping it completely separated from your personal email •Calendar and Contacts: Access, manage, and wirelessly synchronize your enterprise calendar and contacts while keeping them separated from your personal calendar and contacts on the device •Office Documents: View, edit, create and manage Microsoft Word®, Excel® and Powerpoint® documents using the integrated Secure Document Suite •Secure Camera: Safely capture business-related photos •Secure Browser: Use the integrated web browser to access intranet websites or Internet websites through the Enterprise web proxy to mitigate web-based threats BUILT FOR SECURITY AND RESILIENCY Fixmo SafeZone is designed from the ground-up for defense-grade security and extensibility. Fixmo SafeZone offers the following capabilities to IT administrators: •FIPS 140-2 validated AES 256-bit encryption for protecting corporate data at-rest and in-transit •Built on a "no-NOC" architecture enabling organizations to deploy fully on-premise without dependencies on a third-party Network Operating Center (NOC) •Leverages industry-standard ActiveSync for secure enterprise email integration •Workspace-level IT policies enable IT to enforce password controls and advanced security policies as well as remotely lock or wipe corporate data without impacting the personal side of the device


Technical specifications

Version: 5.4

Size: 32.26 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Fixmo Inc.

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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