The essential learning tool for iOS. FlashCards++ is the only app where you can download and sync your cards between your iOS devices: any changes you ...

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The essential learning tool for iOS. FlashCards++ is the only app where you can download and sync your cards between your iOS devices: any changes you make on your phone or iPad will be automatically uploaded and vice-versa. You can also download Excel files, or make them on your iPhone or iPad. The advanced spaced repetition algorithm helps you ace the test and also develop long-term memory of any subject and learn incredibly quickly. And FlashCards++ is the only app that will automatically sync your flash cards and study data between your iPhone and iPad. So you can learn once, and study anywhere. WHAT SEPARATES FLASHCARDS++ FROM THE PACK??? - Automatic two-way sync means that any changes you make on your mobile device are automatically uploaded and vice-versa. - Import cards from Excel. Most other apps force you to use special file formats which don't work with special characters. - Create beautiful math & chemistry flash cards using the Latex formatting method - Advanced "spaced repetition" and "smart study" algorithms for more efficient studying. Some other apps have "spaced repetition," but the FlashCards++ algorithm is more sophisticated and is based on a more recent version of the SuperMemo research. FlashCards++ will prompt you to study again when it comes time to review your material. - Text-to-speech lets you listen to your vocabulary and learn pronunciation. - Back up your cards to Dropbox. Have peace-of-mind that your hard work won't get lost. WHAT DO REAL USERS SAY???? - "This is the best flashcard app I've found so far (and I've tried them *all*)" [October 19, 2012] - "I absolutely love your app, it really is fantastic for language learning and memorization" [September 28, 2012] - "This is perhaps the single greatest memorization tool and language learning aid I have ever come across. Your many features are brilliant, the statistics are out of this world, and I cannot believe that more people don't know about this app!" [September 22, 2012] - "I am memorizing words better than ever already. Excellent product." [September 20, 2012] MORE ABOUT THE APP & ITS FEATURES: - Cards can have images on both sides and text in any language. Take pictures with your camera or load them from your photo library. - Swipe between cards and touch to flip to the back. You can rate your answers on a scale 1-5, and also go back and change a score. - The study system is modeled upon the scientifically-proven SuperMemo spaced repetition algorithm, developed over the past 25 years to make studying efficient and effective. Also use the “Smart” study mode to quickly learn new cards before a test. - FlashCards++ learns your study habits and helps you monitor your progress through advanced statistics. If you have any issues, please e-mail flashcardsforiphone@gmail.com before leaving a review. I am always here to help and will work my hardest to resolve any bugs you have. I use it every day so your bugs are also mine! I am also always open to new ideas and feature requests. FlashCards++ is not affiliated nor associated with SuperMemo.


Technical specifications

Version: 5.9.8

Size: 21.12 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Jason Lustig

Day of release: 2010-07-22

Recommended age: 4+

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