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While we work on our update for iOS 7. PLEASE download our new product eKneeBoard. create a free user account and get the chart subscription for the ...

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While we work on our update for iOS 7. PLEASE download our new product eKneeBoard. create a free user account and get the chart subscription for the state of your choice for free, for life time. (no US pick a state you may train in) Checkout eKneeBoard, in the App Store, for the BEST iEFB with Integrated Interactive Training Courses and a National VFR/IFR GeoReferenced Yearly Data Plan for UNDER 25 bucks.  The FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR/FUNDAMENTALS OF INSTRUCTION course has everything you need to become an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. To guide you through the course, you’ll get our self study outline that tells you what to watch, what to read and when to take a quiz. Think of this as a CFI in a box. CFI training is 90 percent ground studies and 10 percent flying. Take this course and save days of time and perhaps thousands of dollars vs one to one training or outdated classroom instruction. There is simply no faster way to get through the volume of information you need to be a CFI. Give yourself an edge and save time and money while doing it. TRY before you buy: There are several free lessons in this download. The full course may be purchased via an in-app purchase, at your Flight School or on our website. The lesson plans included in the full course include helpful instructor notes, artwork and illustrations to supplement your presentation to the student. These very same lesson plans also have corresponding “How to teach it” videos that bring out the key points of each lesson and what should be emphasized. This course is being used right now at major aviation universities and at one of the largest flight training flight schools in the nation. By the time you finish this course you will: * Have a solid understanding of the instruction theory and practical methods required to teach flying * Have the knowledge needed to pass the related FAA knowledge and practical tests * Have the foundation needed to become a safe and confident Flight Instructor This course was designed by a former designated Pilot Examiner for the FAA and flight examiner for the CAA who performed numerous initial Flight Instructor practical tests in the USA along with private pilot and ATP tests. THE FULL COURSE CONTENT INCLUDES: Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI), Human Behavior, Learning Theory, How We Learn, Effective Communication, The Teaching Process, Teaching Methods, Instructional Aids and Training Technologies, Assessment, Planning Instructional Activity, Instructor Responsibilities and Professionalism, Techniques of Flight Instruction, CFI Regulations for flight instructors parts 1-3, Regulations and Endorsements for Student Pilots, Regulations and Endorsements for Private Pilots, Regulations and Endorsements for Commercial Pilots, CFI Regulations and Record keeping, Practical Test Standards Review, PTS Introduction parts 1-3, Principles of Flight, The Four Forces of Flight, Stability, Aerodynamics of Maneuvering Flight, Airplane & FlightControls, Navigation and Flight Planning, Pilotage and Dead Reckoning, Radio Navigation, VFR Flight Planning, Airspace. All content is resident on your iPad/iPhone. You don't need an Internet connection to view the lessons, take the quizzes, or read the handbooks. This is one or many aviation education programs offered by AnywhereEducation and MS Aviation (MS Aviation is now "AnywhereEducation Aviation Group") * Over 130,000 users of our aviation series courses. * Several Major US Universities use our courseware in their Aeronautics Programs. * Many large flight schools use our courseware in their Career Pilot Training Programs. * Dozens of small to mid sized flight schools use our courseware. * Ask your flight school today to join our approved schools program. Our email support is available 24 hours x 7 days a week. Most support questions are resolved within 4 hours. email Support at: support@enldev.com


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