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While we work on our update for iOS 7. PLEASE download our new product eKneeBoard. create a free user account and get the chart subscription for the ...

Discontinued App


While we work on our update for iOS 7. PLEASE download our new product eKneeBoard. create a free user account and get the chart subscription for the state of your choice for free, for life time. (no US pick a state you may train in) Checkout eKneeBoard, in the App Store, for the BEST iEFB with Integrated Interactive Training Courses and a National VFR/IFR GeoReferenced Yearly Data Plan for UNDER 25 bucks.  FLIGHT REVIEW is the total solution to prepare you for your BFR. Finally an app that has the detail you are looking for to complete a successful flight review. This course is what you need to refresh what you need to know and finish your flight review. We use custom animations in the course to make learning fun and interesting. The course locks in your knowledge and understanding with a directly related quiz after each lesson. Instead of being the kind of quiz you dread, our quizzes are informative and HELPFUL -we provide links to an explanation of the answer, a button to pull up the correct page of the FAA reference covering the answer, and a powerful "review" button that transports you back into the video to the moment where the topic was discussed. Now that’s learning! During your review, you’ll have to demonstrate that you still know key concepts such as airspace, charts, FARs and more to the instructor conducting your flight review. You either have to pay for that instruction one on one, or master the material right from your own mobile device when and where it is convenient for you. This saves you time and money and you have a complete review course to reference in between flight reviews. What's that you say? You've only been flying at your local uncontrolled/pilot controlled airport, and with your flight review coming up, you are concerned about answering questions about complex airspace... No problem. Just tap on the lesson about Airspace and get a full review. Then tap the "reference" button and open the Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, right to the appropriate section on airspace. TRY before you buy: This free version is a helpful head start and is a preview of the full course, with 3 full lessons, and all the related FAA publications built right in! The full course with all 17 lessons may be obtained easily with a couple of taps as an in-app purchase, or at your Flight School or through our website. The full FLIGHT REVIEW course has 17 comprehensive lessons complete with interactive quizzes covering: Airspace Chart review Airplane systems Airports ATC Communications Aviation Physiology Federal aviation Regulations Fuel, oil and cooling systems Practical weather Safety of Flight Weather patterns Weight and Balance Save money and time preparing for your flight review by leveraging this complete course. All content is resident on your iPad/iPhone. You don't need an Internet connection to view the lessons, take the quizzes, or read the handbooks. This is one or many aviation education programs offered by AnywhereEducation and MS Aviation (MS Aviation is now "AnywhereEducation Aviation Group") * Over 330,000 users of our aviation series courses. * Several Major US Universities use our courseware in their Aeronautics Programs. * Many large flight schools use our courseware in their Career Pilot Training Programs. * Dozens of small to mid sized flight schools use our courseware. * Ask your flight school today to join our approved schools program. Our email support is available 24 hours x 7 days a week. Most support questions are resolved within 4 hours. email Support at: support@enldev.com


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