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Business Coaching is a fundamental key to the success of every business” says Brian Tracy, author and creator of the FocalPoint business coaching program.This ...

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Business Coaching is a fundamental key to the success of every business” says Brian Tracy, author and creator of the FocalPoint business coaching program.This iPad Application was constructed to help business owners, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Managers grow their businesses and companies while creating an efficient, profitable and sustainable entity. FocalPoint provides organizations and individuals with coaches trained to implement Brian Tracy's powerful concepts and strategies specifically customized for your business needs. FocalPoint certified coaches can transform your business, as well as your professional and personal lives Some key elements covered in the FocalPoint program: Module 1: Gaining Power through Clarity To establish a foundation, a business owner must clarify where the business is today and where it’s going! Among other things, the business itself, the customer and the competition require definition; goals, actions and critical constraints need to be identified; benchmarks for measuring progress and unique selling propositions must be established...all components of completing a Strategic Plan which will be developed within this Module. Module 2: Increase Your Effectiveness Make your business more effective, Learn to increase productivity by following 11 key steps; leverage strengths: focus time; delegate; ; position the business to borrow before needing to; simplify by consolidating complex processes and maximizing resources. Module 3: Grow Your Business Use Brian Tracy’s proven background in sales and marketing. Learn more effective ways to increase revenues; turbo‐charge your marketing plan; build fierce brand loyalty; reduce selling costs; shorten the sales cycle; optimize pricing and reposition products. Module 4: Become a Superstar Salesperson You can mastering the sales process with these proven techniques. Clearly defining your ideal prospect; expanding prospect sources; Build strong rapport, identify your prospects problem and present the solution; asking good questions and identifying buying signals. Learn how to overcome objections and obstacles to close sales every time. Module 5: Become a Leader All great businesses need leadership. Leadership is learned. Your coach will show you how to lead effectively by taking full responsibility; articulating and communicating vision, mission, strategic values and purpose; establishing and implementing clear strategies and tactics; identifying and managing stress; blending strategy with reality; and ultimatley,aligning people with your goals; Module 6: FocalPoint Performance Coaching: This program,is a time-specific, content driven Coaching program to take you to greater heights in your business, career and life. Learn the secrets to: •Increase your Income •Develop your special strengths •Organize your time and your life •Simplify your work •Develop a personal strategic plan •Achieve all your goals Module 7: Corporate Coaching: This is the most effective corporate and executive coaching program available today. Using the Navigational Coaching Model, this is about supporting others to be more effective in getting from place to place. That “place” can be leadership effectiveness, interpersonal relationships, productivity, job status, sense of fulfillment, and much more. C-level executives, top level managers and leaders in the corporate world will benefit from this practical, proven, guaranteed program.


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