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Make speech therapy fun with Fonemo Pro. All speech sounds are included from the beginning in Fonemo Pro, as opposed to Fonemo where you buy the speech ...

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Make speech therapy fun with Fonemo Pro. All speech sounds are included from the beginning in Fonemo Pro, as opposed to Fonemo where you buy the speech sounds you need. Said about Fonemo: "I really liked that the app is easy to setup and understand. I think this is a nice alternative to the standard speech practice sheets that are often sent home." says Amanda Blackburn, reviewer on the website iHeartThisApp. Fonemo Pro is a tool to help children with speech sound disorders. With Fonemo Pro you can practice for instance the sound s in many ways. To make the training of speech sounds fun, Fonemo Pro works as a game. Saying words out loud is part of the game. You can record the childs pronunciation and together you can listen to it. If you have played the game memory you can play Fonemo Pro. Pair cards with images that are alike. In Fonemo Pro all the images contain words with the current speech sound. Whenever you wonder how a word is pronounced the teddy bear can help you. Poke the teddy in the belly and teddy will tell you what’s on the card. Then you can press the microphone that you will find on the game board, repeat the word and listen to it. The recorded sound will play automatically, but you can also press the speaker if you want to listen to it again. Fonemo Pro is easy to learn. The child does not have to be literate since the game is based on images. The cards contain words with the current speech sound in the beginning, the middle or in the end. You can also practice the speech sound adjacent to a vowel, a consonant or mulitple consonants. Do you want to see something funny? Poke the teddy in the belly before you turn the first card! How to play Fonemo Pro Turn a card by poking it. Turn a second card. If the two cards look the same, it's a pair. And you have won it! If you play as a single player, pair all cards on the board. If you are two players keep pairing cards until there is a mismatch. Then the turn goes to the other player. A green light will help you keep track on who’s turn it is. When you have matched two cards and got a pair, it is the same players turn again, the green light will then flash to remind you. You can vary Fonemo Pro in many ways: - Play with the f-sound - Play with the g-sound - Play with the k-sound - Play with the l-sound - Play with the r-sound - Play with the s-sound Play with the current speech sound - in the beginning of the word - in the middle of the word - in the end of the word - or a mix of all words - Single player with no opponent - Two players sitting next to each other - Two players sitting opposite each other - Easy level: Few cards with words easy to pronounce - Medium level - Hard level: Lots of cards with more difficult words - Listen to the word every time you turn a card - Listen to the word when you poke the teddy bear's belly Fonemo Pro has a parent lock to the helpsection and external links. You can play Fonemo Pro in English, Swedish or Norwegian. To change language you need to change it in the iPad's settings. The number of speech sounds can vary in the different languages. In the family of Fonemo-apps there are - Fonemo - buy the speech sounds you need in the app (iPad) - Fonemo Pro - all speech sounds included (iPad) - Minifonemo - a smaller version (iPhone) - Fonemo Lite - a free version (iPad)


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