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Footprints of Taiwan

The Many Pleasures of Learning While Exploring Chiayi City Chiayi City covers an area of over 60 kilometers and as Taiwan’s first county-level city, its ...

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The Many Pleasures of Learning While Exploring Chiayi City Chiayi City covers an area of over 60 kilometers and as Taiwan’s first county-level city, its history spans over three centuries, giving it an abundance of cultural landscapes. Visiting each of Chiayi City’s scenic spots, you will discover different local characteristics while experiencing the cultural life of Zhuluo that gives it its unique educational value. The simple folk customs and strong sentiments of the people here are especially noticeable. If you find yourself lost down some lane or alley, local residents will enthusiastically point you on your way. Chiayi City is certainly a great place for educational travel. If you are interested in learning about Taiwanese history, Chiayi City, with its blend of traditional and modern architecture, has numerous historic buildings worth visiting. If it is artistic masterpieces you are interested in, you can find authentic work near the parks and temples or all over on the streets. Although Chiayi City is an urban area, it also boasts an abundant ecosystem of flora and fauna. These are coupled with a number of research organizations, which are worthwhile places for schoolchildren to explore. At the end of each year, it is time for all sorts of classic lively events to take the stage. Between the world-renowned International Band Festival and the tense and exciting Zhu Luo Shan International Invitational Little League Baseball Cup, the days and nights are equally as exciting. Chiayi City allows learners to take off in diverse directions to study; Footprints of Taiwan: Chiayi City systematically compiles original cultural material into a comprehensive and all-inclusive source. It covers areas of study from language, society, nature, and the life science and technology, to health and fitness, as well as the arts and humanities. Footprints of Taiwan is like an exhaustive guide manual or an essential textbook for any student exploring Chiayi City. In following the routes outlined in this book, you will not only be aware of the cultural history and pulse of life in Chiayi City, you will also have the chance to experience local lifestyles, verifying all that you have learned in class. Bringing this book with you as you explore Zhuluo City, you will know Chiayi City, understand Chiayi City, and just the same as me, fall deeply in love with small yet beautiful Chiayi City. Contents ◎ The Splendor of the Lumber City ◎ Enjoy the Hometown of Taiwan's Koji Pottery ◎ Historical Architecture and Monuments Tour ◎ A Journey through Tropical Landscapes and Century Old Parks ◎ From Outdoor Sculptures to Public Arts ◎ The Road to Democracy and the Memory of the 228 Incident ◎ Touring Chiayi City's Temples ◎ Ancient Roads and Old Streets ◎ Touring Lantan and the Bazhang River ◎ Chiayi's Delicious Cuisine and Local Events


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