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Video Analysis for Aussie Rules Football with Joel Selwood Use this app to RECORD AND COMPARE your Footy skills against Joel Selwood - Anywhere Anytime ...

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Video Analysis for Aussie Rules Football with Joel Selwood Use this app to RECORD AND COMPARE your Footy skills against Joel Selwood - Anywhere Anytime LEARN how to execute a skill with Joel's Master Classes. 19 different skills covered. Footy Coach Plus is an easy to use, great video analysis coaching tool for beginner through to elite footballers. Attacking, defending, positioning, marking, kicking, passing and training drills can all be recorded using the iPad then replayed in real time, slow motion and frame by frame. RECORD - Coaches, assistants, teachers or parents can record video and then provide footballers with technique analysis by replaying their kicking, marking, handballing, tackling, running bounce, hit outs and drills in real time, slow motion and frame by frame. COMPARE - Performance improves when we are able to observe and compare. Footballers observe the finer points of their technique then compare with the technique demonstrated by Joel Selwood in the reference video clips using the side by side and overlay video display features. IMPROVE - Being able to observe a technical issue which becomes clear once a footballer's own clip is played alongside a reference clip or being able to observe the 'before and after' clips for a footballer who is applying a change their coach has recommended provides the evidence and motivation needed for sustainable change and improvement. Create new super slow motion videos of single, dual or overlay clips with voice over and drawing annotations included. Extensive FAQs included in the app explain the app's recording and video display options. The app's integrated file sharing capability means that large numbers of video clips can be managed by shifting them to and from a computer and the iPad. MAJOR FEATURES SUMMARY - 28 Joel Selwood reference video clips for comparison - 19 different skills explained in detail in Joel's master classes - records user video clips in HD - imports clips from camera roll or copies them to camera roll - up to 8 times realtime digital Video Zoom while recording - renames, trims, splits, emails and deletes user clips - option to produce low resolution clips when emailing or uploading to Dropbox/YouTube - enables replay, zoom in replay, coloured annotation, voice annotation, text annotations, measurement of angles and analysis of all clips - displays two clips side by side or overlaid for comparison (unsynchronized and synchronized) - generates a readily emailable recording of any two side by side or overlay video clips with voice over - personalised watermark on screen record videos - uploading to Dropbox and Youtube - enables setting adjustments - provides FAQs and usage information including tips in footy coaching settings - supports iTunes file sharing for copying clips in or out of the application - full support for all screens in landscape and portrait mode Footy Coach Plus is easy to use and designed for the coach, teacher, parent and player to assist in technique development. ---------------------------------------------- FEEDBACK Experiencing issues? Have comments or suggestions for future features? Please contact us at


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