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All simulations run completely offline! Apps from Actual Concepts are designed to provide interactive education through fun. This App helps in interactively ...

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All simulations run completely offline! Apps from Actual Concepts are designed to provide interactive education through fun. This App helps in interactively exploring Newtons Laws, Gravity, Force and Friction (The list of simulations and activities that can be performed on the simulations are given below). The simulations are highly touch enabled and are designed game-like so that people would love to play around with the simulations and at the same time can gain a deeper understanding of Science concepts. At the same time these simulations raise the inquisitiveness and help to experiment and find solutions like - "How does a satellite projected on Earth differ from Mars when its projected at same speed? Perform this simulation and its so easy to figure this out yourself!" The simulations in this App are designed very carefully to mimic the real world scenarios. For example, you can literally drag the lid and observe the block behaving under inertia...This gives a Real Lab experience directly on your iPad! Each simulation also has a detailed list of activities that can be performed on the simulation. Once the activity is performed you can verify your answers for the activities performed. You can perform various experiments using touch and alter several parameters like speed & gravity. The simulation name and the activity that can be done on the simulation are briefed below - 1. How is weight and Mass different. Perform this experiment with weighing balance and spring balance to see whats the diff! 2. Gravity and free fall - Do all the objects take same time to hit the ground during free fall irrespective of their mass and size? Find it out by altering the tower height, air drag parameters 3. Keplers law of gravitation - Change the eccentricity of the orbiting planet and see how the path changes 4. A virtual Gravity Lab to experiment with - Alter gravity, find out about elastic/non-elastic/semi-elastic collisions as well 5. What happens when you project multiple particles towards another particle under the influence of gravity? Figure out by performing this experiment! 6. Experiment with Satellite projection speeds on different planets and figure out the escape velocity on each planet 7. Experiment with Inertia - Literally drag the lid of a glass and see how the block falls into the glass when dragged fast! 8. Explore Newtons third law with Action/Reaction 9. Play a game of Tug-of-war to find the resultant forces 10. See what causes Friction and how does objects behave with/without friction 11. Find out how the object behaves under the influence of an external force and frictional force by doing an experiment 12. Does friction depend on surface area? Do this experiment and figure out. Several new simulations added on - Gravitation potential, block &wedge simulations, application of newtons laws, elevator and apparent weight simulation, friction on inclined plane, kinetic & static friction, gravitational force


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 12.29 MB


Price: 2,69 €

Developed by Ravindra Kompella

Day of release: 2013-11-20

Recommended age: 4+

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