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The Foresight Intelligence Center provides mobile business intelligence access to enterprise data for every one in an organization through a graphic, ...

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The Foresight Intelligence Center provides mobile business intelligence access to enterprise data for every one in an organization through a graphic, role based interface. The purpose is to provide timely, accurate, and relevant information that is crucial to running a business. Roles, Workspaces, Boards, and Charts: The user’s is assigned a company defined role with specific access rights through a fine grained security setup. This gives the user access to data display objects such as graphs, charts, and reports that link to enterprise information stored on the company’s servers. The data display objects are tailored to his needs. Each user has workspaces and boards that organize sub-sets of information in easy to navigate tabs. The charts and reports are collected in subject specific boards. Each chart and report have their own filtering mechanisms to pivot the data source and re-configure the chart presentation by selecting different data parameters. The different filtering pivots can link within a chart and within a board to create a coordinated view on the board. The number of workspaces, boards, and charts that a user can have is not limited. The boards can be set to rotate periodically and charts update automatically so the user can scan for vital information without manually refreshing the screen. Customizability and Mash-ups: The user can also edit, copy, and create new objects from existing charts, reports, data. New data tables and charts can be created by copying existing objects or creating new objects from scratch. Composite data tables can be created that combine data from different sources both internal and external. Users can aggregate data from any structured source - such as financial, operations, marketing / sales - and unstructured source - such as websites, RSS feeds and content residing in applications. Social Business Intelligence - collaboration and communication: The Foresight Intelligence Center includes features like alerts, subscriptions and community that provides for notification, group participation, and sharing of information. Custom charts and reports can be shared with the rest of the organization through community. User can subscribe to notification services and be kept abreast of vital information though alerts that have drilldown capability carrying more detailed information. Through the built in features, users can control the content and flow of information in there own personalized, secure environment, instead of depending on a central IT group to provide customizations and analysis.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1.2

Size: 10.72 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Foresight Intelligence, Inc

Day of release: 2013-05-2

Recommended age: 4+

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