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Forex Eagle

The only forex app that will notify you of any desired price movement, in absolute or percentage terms, from the nearest top or bottom. An essential tool ...

Discontinued App


The only forex app that will notify you of any desired price movement, in absolute or percentage terms, from the nearest top or bottom. An essential tool for traders, enabling them to take action based on currency movements. Other forex alert apps only provide a simple one-time alert when a currency pair hits a certain fixed price. Forex Eagle provides real time forex market quotes and recurring price movement alerts for 26 major currency pairs as per user settings. It displays streaming quotes for 10 pairs and non-streaming quotes for the other 16. Catch every move in these currency pairs with Forex Eagle's recurring alerts. With Forex Eagle, you will never miss a price move again. The app is light and optimized for performance and accuracy. To limit memory and disk space usage, maximum number of unread alerts that are displayed in the app is limited to the last 100 per currency pair. All alerts of a currency pair once viewed are auto-deleted on app exit. Some users have misunderstood the alert functionality of this app. This app is not meant for setting fixed price alerts. It is meant to track the movement of a currency pair, for e.g. if you desire to be notified whenever EUR/USD moves up or down by 0.01 points. Please make sure your device is connected to the internet and push notifications for this app is switched ON (in Settings->Push Notifications->Forex Eagle) to receive notifications. Notifications are not queued. However those alerts too can be viewed within the app. The app displays advertisements in certain countries. Ads can be permanently disabled with an in-app purchase. Maximum number of free elections is limited to 2 per device. Ability to maintain unlimited elections can be purchased within the app. Purchases can be restored over and over or copied to multiple devices with the 'Restore Purchases' option presented in any in-app purchase dialog. Wish you all the best in trading! Disclaimer: Trading is injurious to your health, wealth and wisdom. The developer of this app (the 'Developer') is not liable for any loss you (the 'User') incur from the proper or improper use of this app. Push notifications are not guaranteed by Apple or by the Developer. Technical or system issues at www.reninf.com (the 'Server') or bugs in the app or the Server can lead to lack of notifications or unexpected behavior. Real time market data is provided by TrueFX (www.truefx.com), a third party provider. Therefore the Developer does not guarantee the accuracy of this data. Issues with TrueFX can lead to lack of quotes and/or delayed alerts. The Server will be down for less than 30 minutes every Sunday for regular maintenance. Alert settings cannot be changed during this brief period. Attributions: Task bar icons are from www.pixelpressicons.com. Sound files are from www.soundbible.com's Simon Craggs & Mike Koenig.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.7

Size: 2.12 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Osofus Technology Ltd.

Day of release: 2012-12-31

Recommended age: 4+

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