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FotoFarm HD for iPad – the ONLY Google Image search app JUST for KIDS!! ------------------- TEACHERS and PARENTS, PLEASE NOTE: FotoFarm and other image ...

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FotoFarm HD for iPad – the ONLY Google Image search app JUST for KIDS!! ------------------- TEACHERS and PARENTS, PLEASE NOTE: FotoFarm and other image search apps ONLY filter search WORDS - they do NOT and cannot analyze photos to know which aren't appropriate. For example, a search of "girls" will most likely bring back inappropriate images. FotoFarm allows you to tighten the search as tightly as you like by adding your own black-listed "censor" search words to the app. This MAY NOT prevent inappropriate images from being found by FotoFarm. PLEASE keep this in mind when evaluating if FotoFarm is right for your purposes. --------------------- FotoFarm gives KIDS a fun and easy way to find images from the web using Google Images. FotoFarm lets you quickly search, crop, and save photos for homework or projects - so you can get back to being a kid!! FotoFarm is the ONLY image search app built for kids! Whether it's a photo of Abe Lincoln for a report or an image of Justin Bieber to use as a screensaver, FotoFarm makes finding photos a breeze. Plus your parents will rest easy knowing FotoFarm utilizes Google SafeSearch technology to limit grown-up results from it’s searches. The handy FACES ONLY option makes FotoFarm find only pictures of people's faces. You won't have to sort through a gazzillion pictures just to find that close-up of Rihanna...Bella and Edward...or whoever you want!! FotoFarm lets you cut around a subject and trim off the rest with it's BUILT-IN CROPPING TOOL. You can also save photos directly to your CAMERA ROLL right from FotoFarm! Easy Google Image searches Built-in custom word list filter for additional protection Faces ONLY searches Easy to use CROPPING TOOL Save photos directly to CAMERA ROLL Send image via email No confusing “advanced” tools you don't need FotoFarm lets you do everything without the confusing ‘advanced’ search tools which can be intimidating or hard to use. All the options are there on one page so you can quickly get the pics you need without being a computer expert! FotoFarm is another cool app from PaperNappkin.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 4.73 MB


Price: 0,84 €

Developed by PaperNappkin

Day of release: 2011-07-30

Recommended age: 4+

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