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Four Great Classical Novels of China

NO1.Romance of Three Kingdoms First of the five great works of traditional prose fiction, this master narrative transforms history into epic and has thereby ...

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NO1.Romance of Three Kingdoms First of the five great works of traditional prose fiction, this master narrative transforms history into epic and has thereby educated and entertained readers of five centuries with unforgettable exemplars of martial and civic virtue, of personal fidelity and political treachery. "The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been." Echoing the rhythms of Chinese history itself, the monumental tale Three Kingdoms begins. As important for Chinese culture as the Homeric epics have been for the West, this fourteenth-century masterpiece continues to be loved and read throughout China today. NO2. Outlaws of the Marsh. In the final years of the song dynasty china was in a state of political and social turmoil. Besides frequent foreign invasion and a large number of man made and natural disasters there were also constant pheasant rebellion. In order to transform society and make it more equitable and human 108 heroes joined together in Shan-dong province Liang Shan to oppose the local officials and genitures. Thus began the corsages and moving drama on which the novel water margin is based. Water margin is title Shui-Hu-Zhuan in Chinese and in English it is called all men are brothers or outlaws of the heart. NO3 Journey to the West Journey to the west is a historic Chinese novel that is considered one of the four classics from the Ming Dynasty. These novels along with the golden lotus water margins as well as the romances of the three kingdoms have won popular acclaim from generation to generation. Journey to the west is a combination of myth parable and comedy. It is a story about a Buddhist monk and bunch of animals with human characteristic. The animals actually in the story are a very fairy tale type of mood and they traveled west to India to find Buddhist scriptures. The animals themselves are celestial being in mortal forms and they have magical powers that protect them from the goblins and the evil spirits. Author Wu Cheng-en writings create an imaginary world that creates a life like with the absurd giving us a glance of the different sides of human nature. NO4 The Dream of Red Mansion Once upon a time the goddess Nv Gua level several thousands pieces of stone to repair the damage post of heaven. One extra stone that did not fit and as discard at the foot of a mountain. This ethereal stone discover a lovely but frail but celestial camp by the river of the spirits in the west. Everyday it watered the plants with sweet dew the plant nourished by the dew took essence of heaven and earth. After centuries of polishing the stone took on human forms and descended to earth and becoming the hero of the dream of the red chamber a complex brilliant and profound drama. Among the Chinese classics the dream of the red chamber has been most widely red and studied by the general public and scholars its conception in the later part of the 18th century. Besides its mythical beginning more then 400 human characters come to life in the Jia palace throughout the one hundredth and twenty chapters of this book. They vividly and realistically unveil a pure world and the spiritual world and the love and hatred and the good and evil desiccant and consonant.


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