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Get Four Walls and put a roof over your head! Use this app to quickly compare and find out all of the financial realities of potential home or investment ...

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Get Four Walls and put a roof over your head! Use this app to quickly compare and find out all of the financial realities of potential home or investment property purchases. In a flash, you’ll know what your mortgage payment would be and how much interest you’d pay over the term. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today! You’re looking for your dream home or great investment property. You’ve spent hours looking through online listings, attended weekend open houses for months and finally, a couple of properties have piqued your interest. Naturally, you want to act fast to make sure that you get the place you want but you know that an emotional buy is usually a bad idea. You don’t want to jump into something without knowing how it’s going to affect you financially. That’s why you need the Four Walls app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Four Walls is the perfect house hunting companion. Use it while sitting in front of your computer, take it along for viewings and carry it with you at all times. After all, you never know when you’re going to spot the perfect home or piece of investment real estate. This is a very practical application that keeps the financial realities of a purchase right in front of your face. Just touch the screen and enter information such as square footage, asking price, interest rate and so on. Four Walls will calculate all of the data and display what the mortgage on a property will really cost you. In an instant, you’ll know what your monthly payments would be and the total amount of interest you’d pay over the life of your mortgage. Trying to decide between two or more properties? No problem. Four Walls arms you with information and helps you sort and compare properties, to assess some of the more technical financial considerations that can prevent you from making a purchase that is strictly based on emotion. You’ll know what each place has to offer you and the cost. You’ll love how easy the app is to use, with its touchscreen controls and natural flow through the information harvest. When you get to the end, only the stuff you’re interested in is displayed on a nicely concise screen. Find a gem that you want to share? Then you’ll be especially glad that you’ve downloaded Four Walls. Save the information to show your spouse, email it to a partner, friends, or anyone you want. Not only is Four Walls an indispensable tool when shopping for real estate, it’s also educational. First time homeowners will appreciate the app’s simplicity and guidance for newbies, yet seasoned gurus will want it for its powerful calculating power and will not find the information intrusive. Check out some of the features you get in Four Walls: * Easy-to-use interface with touchscreen controls * Requires no special knowledge to use and understand * App is perfect for newbies and gurus, alike * Subtle educational tool for homeowners * Smooth, natural flow of data input screens * Calculates mortgage repayment, capital gains, term investment and capitalization rate * Lets you sort and compare properties * Final calculations displayed in a neat, concise screen with only the info you need Don’t start your property search until you equip yourself with the best tools. Download Four Walls now and let it help you put a roof over your head, or an investment in your portfolio.


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