Version 2.1 - Now has even bigger buttons for easier operation. Also using new button design showing both UP and DOWN actions. Buttons take up less memory ...

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Version 2.1 - Now has even bigger buttons for easier operation. Also using new button design showing both UP and DOWN actions. Buttons take up less memory and work much faster. New "Tell-a-Friend" feature - from the settings screen you can easily email your friends a screenshot and link to Fractionation so they can get in on the fun! Tested with iOS 5.1 Version 2.0 - New features include: - New landscape feature. Fractionation now supports rotation into all orientations. When rotating into landscape mode, the following new features are revealed: 1. New memory+, memory-, memory recall, and memory clear functions. 2. New xSquared function. 3. New percentage function. - New cleaner, bigger, easier to read display. - Updated, improved graphics and color schemes. Tested with iOS 5.0. Product Description - Want to work with fractions as easily as you work with any other numbers? Then look no further! Fractionation will make it easy. Fractionation is a simple, easy-to-use fraction calculator for everybody from students to professionals. If you need to make calculations with fractions, use Fractionation! This is the FULL-FEATURED Version of Fractionation. There is also a FREE version of the program, called Fractionation Lite, available in the app store. If you want to, check it out before purchasing this version! Features only available with Fractionation FULL VERSION: - Switch between DECIMAL or FRACTION result display at the touch of a button! - One-button REDUCE function. - One-button Square Root function. Ever take a square root of a fraction? Now you can with Fractionation! - One-button reciprocate. - One-button sign change. - Choose between 5 different colors for your calculator color scheme! Now you can calculate in style by choosing black, red, blue, pink, or purple color schemes! Switch between schemes as often as you wish! - All graphics have been completely redesigned and look great! Check out the screenshots below. - Clear Entry function added so you can correct a calculation without starting over. - Choose how many decimal places you want to display, between 1 and 6. Numbers outside this range convert automatically to scientific notation. - You can now choose between displaying the entire equation, as Fractionation Lite does, or turn this option off and have Fractionation display only the operands and result, like most other calculators do. Your choice! - You can now choose to turn off the Intellisense™ display, which automatically dims keys when they are disabled. - All operands in Fractionation are maintained in full 64-bit signed integer precision for both the numerator and denominator. When numbers get too large to display, Fractionation automatically simplifies them, but maintains full precision internally always! Basic features shared with Fractionation Lite: - Simple calculator layout and input. - Add, subtract, multiply, and divide any two fractions. - Continually chain operations [i.e. 2 x 3 + 4] by hitting more operators. - Include whole numbers with your fractions [i.e. (12 5/6) – (6 7/8)]. - Include decimal numbers with your fractions [i.e. (12 5/6) ÷ 0.235]. - Optional key click sound and whole number underline. - Fractionation automatically reduces all answers into a proper fraction and whole number (if appropriate). - Intellisense™ keyboard input system won’t let you make a mistake; it automatically guides you through the input process to make error-free computing a flash!


Technical specifications

Version: 2.5

Size: 1.08 MB


Price: 0,94 €

Developed by TNB Technologies, LLC

Day of release: 2010-07-8

Recommended age: 4+

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