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* * * PROMOTIONAL PRICE * * * ★ 'a brilliantly designed app; the current benchmark for high-quality storytelling via tablet.' Kirkus starred review ★ ...

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* * * PROMOTIONAL PRICE * * * ★ 'a brilliantly designed app; the current benchmark for high-quality storytelling via tablet.' Kirkus starred review ★ ‘This masterful new adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic novel may be the best interactive fiction yet’ — Laura Miller, ★ “Superb” — Tim Harford, senior columnist for the FT ★ ‘the most eye-catching development in April's digital publishing’ — The Guardian ★ “Enormous sensitivity to Shelley's narrative... There's enormous intelligence behind the reworking” — Dr. Dale Townshend, lecturer in Gothic and Romantic Literature at Stirling University ★ ‘a visual and textual masterpiece that you will be thrilled to experience’ — John Bardinelli, ★ ‘a significant achievement’ — Emily Short --------------------------------------------------------- The year is 1792 and in his Paris laboratory, Victor Frankenstein is building a man... Guide his tale with your choices in this unique literary app. Written by best-selling author Dave Morris, designed and developed by creative studio inkle and published by award-winning independent publisher, Profile Books, Frankenstein is a new way of experiencing Mary Shelley's classic tale of terror and revenge. The original text has been fully adapted into interactive form, allowing you the reader to visit Frankenstein's workshop, help him make his monster, and guide him through the disastrous events that follow. This is a reading experience like no other, that will put you into the heart of the story. With breath-taking visuals and sleek design, Frankenstein is an unputdownable reading experience, and a whole new kind of ebook. * * * Features: - New novel-length interactive re-telling of the classic story - Weave your own narrative as you guide Victor Frankenstein's choices - Innovative and beautiful easy-to-use interface provides a seamless reading experience - 65 illustrations including detailed 16th century anatomical engravings - The full text of the original Frankenstein, as published in 1818 - The Art of Frankenstein, an annotated gallery of the illustrations used


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.6

Size: 179.69 MB


Price: 3,66 €

Developed by inkle

Day of release: 2012-04-26

Recommended age: 12+

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