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REVPAR GURU, creators of a revolutionary revenue and inventory management solution that increases hotels’ RevPAR, occupancy and online bookings introduces ...

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REVPAR GURU, creators of a revolutionary revenue and inventory management solution that increases hotels’ RevPAR, occupancy and online bookings introduces its first RevPAR calculator. This FREE application available to anyone provides hoteliers and hotel revenue managers with the means to easily calculate their hotel’s vital statistics while on the go. Just enter the values and this calculator will figure the following results: · revenue per available room (RevPAR) · average daily rate (ADR) · occupancy percentage (%) · daily revenue ($) · annual revenue ($) It helps hotel owners and managers compute useful formulas and equations to generate most amounts of revenues for their hotels. The app features a streamlined interface that displays key hotel metrics alongside the figures that comprise them - RevPAR appears next to ADR and occupancy, for instance. The breakdowns enable hoteliers to evaluate their hotel’s performance at a glance, and to determine immediately which areas are functioning best. The app underlines the importance of RevPAR, in evaluating revenue management and pricing activities - not ADR and occupancy as many think. Because it is a calculation that you can actually take to the bank, RevPAR provides the most accurate assessment of the efficacy of revenue management strategies. As such, maximizing RevPAR should remain the goal of revenue managers, and the guiding principle behind pricing methodologies. The REVPAR GURU RevPAR Calculator app allows revenue managers to maximize their output and abilities (even while out of the office), and offers a way to quantitatively prove that their strategies are working successfully to increase revenues. About REVPAR GURU REVPAR GURU provides hotels around the world with an alternative revenue management software solution, to manage RevPAR intelligently and effectively, and deliver maximum profits. REVPAR GURU’s custom-designed Yield Dynamic Price Engine meets the rapidly changing needs of hotels in a demanding business environment - dynamic rate optimization, real-time pricing, integrated internet and extranet yield channel management, and GDS sales distribution, to increase a hotel’s RevPAR while maintaining rate integrity and automated rate parity. It is the only revenue management solution that automatically optimizes and updates hotel rates across all major consumer travel websites, based on all market variables and in real time, and provides a strategic room inventory control. Once deployed, hotels can boost RevPAR, their occupancy rates and cut their distribution costs dramatically. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, additional information can be found at or by calling +1.786.478.3500.


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Version: 3.0

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Developed by REVPAR GURU Inc.

Day of release: 2010-03-12

Recommended age: 4+

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