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Gain a mastery of French! French Class contains a complete offline written French course, together with interactive verb, vocabulary, grammar and listening ...

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Gain a mastery of French! French Class contains a complete offline written French course, together with interactive verb, vocabulary, grammar and listening exercises. All words and phrases are available to listen to as well in high quality audio. Great support when you learn French. Easy to practice your verb conjugations, vocabulary, grammar and phrases with. IMPORTANT NOTE: This School Edition is aimed at schools and tutors. The audio, that normally comes as an in-app purchase, is included by default, which was a specific request some schools had. If you are an individual, consider buying the regular "French Class" app instead. Later on, we will add features specific for tutors to this version, for which regular users have no use. This total course covers the following content: * All tenses, with conjugations of more than 100 verbs, and irregular forms indicated * 4000+ words, sorted into categories such as business, transport and vacation * 40 grammar articles, covering all French Grammar * 200 useful phrases And the following features: * Highly customizable exercises on all of the above, with a fun awards system that is integrated with the game center which makes practicing fun, with separate awards for the vocabulary, verbs, grammar and listening exercises. * Keeping track of your progress by saving statistics and summaries of all done exercises, together with errors made. The first strength of this app is the extended content. No other French app offers this much for the same price. The other strength lies in its fun, addictive and useful exercises. If you are serious about learning French, this app is for you. SOME COMPLIMENTS WE FOUND IN OUR MAILBOX Your language apps rock!! The interface is well designed, simple yet very very effective and it is as you described, very addictive. Your language apps are the best on the market. You offer far more for less. Unbelievable! I'm blown away by this app. It's almost as good as my pc version that I paid $$$ for except voice recognition could be better. Definitely worth the money. Perfect format. I like how quickly you jump on comments. Keep up the good work. PLANNED UPDATES * Writing exercises: the word, verb and grammar exercises will get a “writing” instead of multiple choice option, which will present the user with a textbox to type in instead of the multiple choice questions, for a bit more of a challenge. * Image exercises, such as on clock times. * Help function: because some users have problems with certain screens of the app, a small help button will be added to every screen, explaining everything there is to know about it. * Making it possible to add your own words and phrases to the app through http://www.languageshq.com. NOTE: This app's content is only available in English.


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