[Demo Video : YouTube] FriendItem is an application which is providing total solution relating to books and ...

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[Demo Video : YouTube] FriendItem is an application which is providing total solution relating to books and reading activity, which enable you not only to manage, review, underline and evaluate books, but also share the contents with friends. The basic data can utilize millions of books in the world through 'Google Books' and you can add books to your library by using keywords search function or recognizing barcode of the book. In addition, this application can provide a sharing function with friends through Facebook, Twitter, Email and Bump, which enables you to discuss books with your friends comfortably and makes possible to write review after reading a book as well as producing monthly statistics on what you read. All these functions will motivate you have right reading habit and read books as much as possible. - Delicate function of book management . Recognizing the barcode of a book with camera installed in iPhone . Google Books Mashup (Utilized as a basic data of books) . Book status (books that you already read, books that you are reading, books that you want to read) and book management function . Management of reading date and monthly reading statistics . Review and evaluation function . Underlining management function including photograph . Function of purchasing books in online bookstore, such as - Various sharing methods and Sync function . Facebook : listing the status and information of books on the wall of Facebook (Option: whenever the book status changes) . Twitter : tweet the status and information of books (Option : whenever the book changes) . Email : Recommending books to friends via Email . Bump : Exchanging the book information between iPhones ( . My library and Sync function (Download) . Linking with FriendItem for Facebook ( - Strong search function & intuitive and user-friendly UI . Search function by using keywords and tags (Google Books, My Library) . Preview function for book contents and review produced by others . Function for setting up various view modes (library/list type, view by subject, sorting out, tag) . Tag management function - Users who want to manage their own books . Users who want to record and manage books after reading them (Review/Underline/Status/Evaluation/Bump) - Users who want to share books with friends . Users who want to share with and recommend books to their friends (Facebook/Twitter/Email/Bump) - Users who want to make new friends . Users who want to make friends with same interests and be recommended books by them and discuss books with them (FriendItem for Facebook / Blog etc)


Technical specifications

Version: 2.5

Size: 2.58 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by OCUBE

Day of release: 2010-08-2

Recommended age: 4+

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