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Fun Spanish

...... GIVE US ONE MINUTE AND WE WILL TEACH YOU 10 WORDS! ...... ... INTRODUCTION ... Have a minute to play a quick game on your iPhone? Why not play ...

Discontinued App


...... GIVE US ONE MINUTE AND WE WILL TEACH YOU 10 WORDS! ...... ... INTRODUCTION ... Have a minute to play a quick game on your iPhone? Why not play the game AND learn at the same time? Fun Spanish is designed for children to adults in its simple-to-play, addictive games that allow the user to learn through entertainment. Forget boring flashcards and pure memorization techniques that will put you to sleep. Try out Fun Spanish today! ...TESTIMONIALS... “I am always on the move, so don’t have the luxury of setting aside long periods of time to study a new language. This app is perfect for me, since I can fill in the few free minutes here and there with productive learning.” --- Robert R. (from Beijing, China) “Rosetta Stone + Mobile Games. Imagine the picture driven learning methods of Rosetta Stone combined with a deceptively addictive, yet simple game. In a nutshell, that describes this app.” --- Kimberly D. (from Los Angeles, CA) ...FEATURES... ✓ Three addictive mini-games in review and quiz modes, offering six modes of play ✓ Basic flashcard and quizzing functionalities, with capability of showing flashcards in dual languages for fast learning ✓ Full lesson plans (over three apps) consists of 700+ words developed by a PhD in Linguistics who specializes in 2nd language learning. This app contains 200 commonly used words in 10 sets ✓ Native speaker audio clips ✓ Focus on visual learning with extensive library of images that is used throughout app ✓ Ability for users to customize audio clips with personal voices, for parents who want their children to learn to the parents’ voices. Also great for users who want to learn specific accents ✓ Customization capabilities for users to add images to words ...ABOUT THE FUN LEARNING SERIES... The Fun Learning Series is a startup mobile educational concept dedicated to: •Creating fun, interactive games to motivate users to learn in bite-sized timeframes •Developing quality learning materials with topic experts and thought leaders Our first major product is the Fun Learning Platform (FLP). ...WHAT IS THE FUN LEARNING PLATFORM (FLP)? ... The Fun Learning Platform © (FLP) is our proprietary methodology that combines entertainment and education. We focus on creating addictive, bite-sized games that allow the users to review and acquire information in short time increments. Perfect for people on-the-go or for people just looking for simple entertainment. From experience, we know that using studying materials such as flashcards is intimidating and requires a relaxed mental state that is hard to reach. Learning is hard work, but the FLP will make it easier. With the FLP, we make learning a fun process in bite-sized chunks. Try it. Give us a minute and see for yourself. ...LESSON 1 DETAIL... Lesson 1 includes words in the following categories: Body, Clothing, Calendar, Colors and Shapes, Fruits, Home, Numbers, Occupation I, School, Time ----------- ...FOR MORE INFORMATION... For more information or support, please contact us at funlearningseries@gmail.com. We would love to hear any feedback that you may have on how to improve the learning experience. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FunLearningSeries


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