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144 fun-to-read, dual-language, interactive picture books (ebooks) with subtle, science and math themes to ignite a passion for reading and learning! ...

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144 fun-to-read, dual-language, interactive picture books (ebooks) with subtle, science and math themes to ignite a passion for reading and learning! - Auto play and read-aloud - Word highlighting - Reading speed adjustment - Animal & object sounds when tapped - Individual words read aloud when tapped - Download or stream - Teaching activities and fun quizzes Read quietly with your child or put the ebook in play and watch and listen as these amazing ebooks read-aloud in both English and Spanish! Follow along with word highlighting and adjust the reading speed to promote oral language skills, vocabulary, pronunciation, text engagement, and reading comprehension. And your kids will love our latest features: (1) tap a word and hear it read aloud; and (2) tap the animals and listen to their calls of the wild as they roar, chirp, and howl. We have also added sounds to things that you might expect to make noise, like gavels banging, waves crashing, lightning striking, fire crackling, etc. Each ebook has a “fun, cuddle factor” so that reading can be for just the joy of reading or build in a few extra minutes to work with your children on the underlying science and math. Find a 3-6 page “For Creative Minds” section in the back of each book with easy-to-understand activities specifically designed so that parents and adults can be the “teachers” long after their schooling days. Parents and teachers are given the tools they need to answer the “why” questions. Activities are designed to engage children and are so much more than a list of “fun facts” often with matching, sequencing, and true/false questions to develop critical thinking skills. These activities make each book so much more than just a picture book…the books become tools to get readers (the children and the adults in their lives) excited about the underlying subjects and to become a “launch pad” for more discussion and learning. Additional Features: - ebooks stream from the cloud (default) or can be downloaded to your ipad. - "More.." button within each ebook offers additional resources (30-60 pages of cross-curricular teaching activites with questions to ask before and after reading, and three 10-question quizzes (reading comprehension, For Creative Minds, math word problems) - Download, Uninstall, and Buy options on the Manage eBooks page. - In-App purchase with AppleID and password. - In addition to iPad viewing, purchased eBooks will also play on computers, and other mobile devices. (New Users do not have to register but not registering limits eBook access to the iPad and precludes computer and other mobile device access.) - Search ebooks by Title, Author, Keywords, Animals - Sort by Language Arts (Common Core), Math (CC), Science (Next Generation Science Standards) or by Reading Levels (AR, Guided Reading, Lexile). - Ebook Display Options: (1) set English or Spanish as the default language, (2) view previews and purchased or just purchased, (3) view streaming and downloads or just downloads. - View usage details - Schools and Libraries may sign-up online for 30-day free trial.


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Day of release: 2012-06-4

Recommended age: 4+

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