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Futrix Mobile Viewer - taking Futrix's self-service BI and analytics "Freedom to Explore" to a whole new level. Introducing Futrix Mobile ...

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Futrix Mobile Viewer - taking Futrix's self-service BI and analytics "Freedom to Explore" to a whole new level. Introducing Futrix Mobile Viewer, enabling connectivity to advanced Futrix functionality for Android Smartphone and Tablet devices.Futrix enables you to analyze data like no other solution in the world, by empowering "self-service" exploration of data without constraints. By also deploying Futrix Mobile Viewer, your organization can be even more flexible and agile with the ability to use the power of Futrix to accurately answer business questions in any location at any time. Overview of Futrix Mobile Features Viewpoints - interactive analytics in tables and charts
Dashboards - collections of Viewpoints with additional analytics
Geographic mapping - perform geographic analysis using powerful MapQuest functionality
Favorites List - mark Viewpoints and Dashboards as Favorites for quick access
Search - use text search to find previously created Viewpoints and Dashboards as a starting point for further analysis
Connection Details - Define secure connections to multiple Futrix instances, enabling switching to other data environments Futrix Mobile Viewer differs from other mobile reporting tools as you are not constrained by the way the back-end data was designed, nor by simple static reports or fixed drill paths on the mobile device. With Futrix Mobile Viewer it is easy to discover relevant information from the oceans of data and surface meaningful information on demand by drilling into or expanding information and visualizing the data in innovative ways to gain further understanding. The Futrix back-end environment can utilize any third party database management systems (DBMS) accessible via SAS software using SAS/Access such as Teradata, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, DB2, etc., as well as SAS Data Tables, SAS Data Views, OLAP Cubes, SAS MDDBs as well as Futrix Indexed Datasets and Futrix HOLAP Groups. For more information about connecting Futrix Mobile to your environment's data sources contact sales@futrix.com Futrix Mobile Viewer is an advanced Business Intelligence and analytics tool. It requires Adobe Air to be installed on the mobile device (Android only) and a connection to a Futrix-enabled server. Futrix Mobile Viewer uses a secure connection between the application and the back-end Futrix server, in addition the application does not store any information or user passwords on the device other than the configuration settings for the server(s) to connect to. None of the source data in Viewpoints or Dashboards is cached or saved on the device in any form. About Futrix Futrix Limited is a worldwide business intelligence software company, with headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand and US operations based in Portland, Oregon. Futrix was founded in 1997 with the vision of providing power to business users by enabling navigation through vast data sources and surface valuable information with ease. Today Futrix has become a world class software provider, delivering business intelligence solutions to many large customers in the Americas, Europe and Australasia. The product has evolved into a powerful and unique solution for analyzing disparate and complex data, including Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services, Energy, Government, Education, Telecommunications, Insurance, Gaming and Hospitality. Case studies and more background information is available at www.futrix.com


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