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About Art Gallery Magazine Art Gallery Magazine was first founded in 1980, and now it has already had a history of 32 years. It was revised in 2006, ...

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About Art Gallery Magazine Art Gallery Magazine was first founded in 1980, and now it has already had a history of 32 years. It was revised in 2006, and since then it has witnessed the rapid rise and booming development of China’s contemporary art and gallery industry. Now after 6 years’ effort, the magazine has not only become the most influential magazine of the contemporary art life but also the real first brand media in the gallery industry of China. From year 2012 on, the magazine has stepped into a wider world with dreams and firm belief in China’s contemporary art. Art Gallery Magazine is the first brand magazine of Chinese gallery industry O The first pan-culture magazine of art life in China O The art media possessing the most contemporary spirit in China O The media aiming at the super elite consumers in China O The native media of contemporary art having the most international perspective Sword of the corporate cultural marketing, ideal platform of the brand image spreading O Intellectually and financially outstanding readers The readers of the magazine are all over the major cities of China, most of them are socially successful people, executive class of companies and the other elites who are outstanding intellectually and financially and have a good taste and consumption ability. O Target readers Metropolitan elites and upstarts who are aged at 25 to 50, whose personal annual income is over150, 000 yuan. O Circulation rate Up to 1:10, the time that readers keep the magazine is as long as half a year, longer than the keeping time of other fashion magazines on average. O Total readers More than 500, 000 O Total circulation Up to 100,000 per month The Power of Art It is a time of technology and art, technology changes world and art changes life. The creative thinking and innovative spirit of contemporary art is the vane of the contemporary social culture where art is a life attitude and a life style as well. The quiet change of the world art map and the rise of Chinese contemporary art will bring new spiritual power into the progressing society of China. Wanpin Culture has been concentrating on exploring creative business pattern and integrating resource platforms of art for a long time. Relying on the strong think tank of Art Gallery Magazine and the advantage in professional planning of original features, Wanpin provides the most influential elite readers of China with the most accurate, professional, deep and systematic global art forms and information service through multi-level platforms such as issue, website, exhibition, forum and activity. Backing on the international perspective, independent thinking, critical spirit and professional quality, Art Gallery Magazine passes the advanced ideas of the art market and news of the art forms to the Chinese elites in various fields. It records, leads and promotes the process of Chinese contemporary art.


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