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Explore the Bible in its original languages with The Bible Study App. An amazing way to read and engage with the Bible, The Bible Study App is a feature-rich ...

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Explore the Bible in its original languages with The Bible Study App. An amazing way to read and engage with the Bible, The Bible Study App is a feature-rich app designed to mobilize your Bible study. Take notes, highlight passages, and bookmark your favorite verses effortlessly within the Bible text. Use the advanced tools to compare multiple translations, read Scripture and commentaries side-by-side, or open the Bible in full-screen to be immersed in the Word. Installing The Bible Study App gives you immediate access to more than 100 free titles and over 1,000 resources from Olive Tree. Because your library is stored on your device, there is no need for a continuous internet connection. This package includes the GNT (Greek New Testament) and BHS (Hebrew Old Testament). This package does not include parsing, but parsed texts, such as GNT with Mounce-Koivisto Morphology and UBS Dictionary or BHS with Groves-Westminster Morphology and BDB Lexicon, are available from OliveTree.com. 

The 27th Edition of the Nestle-Aland text of the Greek New Testament is regarded as the standard Greek text for modern scholarship and translation. The work can be traced back to Eberhard Nestle, whose First Edition was published in 1898. Kurt Aland took up the challenge of making further refinements in 1952 and continued as a member of the editorial board from that point. Numerous other scholars, such as Bruce M. Metzger, have joined the endeavor.

 The Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS) was compiled and preserved by Jewish scribes (Masoretes) of the fifth through tenth centuries AD. The accuracy of this translation is confirmed by its consistency with both the Greek Septuagint and the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Masoretes are said to have standardized the Jewish text, putting in the vowel points that are familiar to Hebrew readers today. They were meticulous in their copy work, willing to destroy a whole manuscript if it was discovered to contain a single error. The result of their work is a collection of manuscripts which, though relatively few in number, displays remarkable accuracy. The BHS is also sometimes referred to as the Hebrew Masoretic Text (HMT). FEATURES * The three-touch Verse Chooser, navigates quickly and easily to the exact Bible verse you want. * Use split-screen reading to view two books at once, compare Bible translations, view study notes, or read commentaries side-by-side with Scripture. * Immersive reading lets you remove all controls and get lost in your book without distractions. * Quick, powerful searching lets you find words, phrases, and even search in Greek and Hebrew. PERSONALIZE * Bookmark your favorite verses. * Take notes.* Highlight text. * Sort, search, and organize everything! * Open your personal notes in the split window to easily add and modify notes while reading or preparing for sermons or Bible studies. * Create verse references in your notes that automatically hyperlink to open the verse when you tap on them. TEXT SELECTION * Bookmark, highlight, add a note, or copy any text. * Search for selected word(s). * Look up selected word(s) in all dictionaries. SHARE & POST * Post your favorite verses and quotes to Facebook and Twitter from within the app. * Copy Bible text quickly into an email or text message. RESOURCE GUIDE * Quickly find commentaries, maps, cross references, and more related content to the Bible passage you are reading. * Discover insights on the people, places, and topics in your Bible passage. * Easily configure the resource guide to help you display the information you want. A LIBRARY OF TITLES * Over 100 FREE books for in-app download. * Foreign language Bibles available in German, French, Spanish, Chinese and many others.


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