Discontinued App


GPSPTrackPro allows you to track your husband, wife, children or friends (with their permission) on any iPHONE device and you can track them in near real ...

Discontinued App


GPSPTrackPro allows you to track your husband, wife, children or friends (with their permission) on any iPHONE device and you can track them in near real time. Read more below. This app allows you to track 1 person who also must download and run this app for it to work. We also DO NOT SELL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE as some other apps do to sustain their costs. This app ONLY works on iDevices, not Android devices. How it works: --------------- You can select from several 'update' intervals starting from 5 minutes up through several hours. If you start sending and background the app, the app continues to send updates at the interval you have selected until you re-open the app and 'Stop' sending updates. Features: ------------ - You dont have to log in every time like the 'Find Me" app - Track your phone if its stolen OR - Find your phone if its stolen by asking your friend to track it. - Allows you to track 1 iphone user at this time (upgrades coming in the future) - Allows you to BE VIEWED BY multiple iPhone users (if they choose to add you to their friends list). - View users history for 48 hours - Add friends by either userid, first/last name, or email address - View your friends GPS History - View your OWN GPS History - Delete friend(s) at will - Reverse Geocoding - Broadcast your location (on or off) at will (for privacy) - near real time Live in App Map of your friend - You can manually update your GPS position at any time - Built in Compass - Variable send timer from 5 minutes through several hours - Security - All of your personal data is stored in the Keychain, which means its encrypted and cannot be un-enrypted except within our app. - SSL security - all data over network is SSL encrypted GPS details: - shows current latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and heading - Lat/Long in radians or hours, minutes, seconds - GPS Accuracy selections: Best, 10m, 100m, 1km, 3km - GPS Filter distances 1m, 10m, 100m, 1km - select between Imperial or Metric Units Please do not hesitate to write us and let us know of ANY bug you find in our app! We want to be sure to fix every problem we can to keep this app great. We welcome suggestions for enhancements or other ideas, however we cannot promise any timelines of when we may be able to incorporate them. You can email us just to let us know how you like or dislike our app as well. This app was created with security in mind for your family and friends as well as software and data security and privacy. If ANY privacy feature is broken LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY TO FIX! Thank you for using our app! Support: gpsptrack@gmail.com +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please Read the below section before purchasing NOTE: Your Battery Life will be severely limited using this app and you will need to recharge it more often than normal. IMPORTANT NOTES: This app ONLY WORKS with iPhone/iPad/iPod/iPadMini Devices, NO OTHER DEVICES. Your family and friends MUST download it to their iDevice and run it before it will work as advertised! Website Access: http://gpspersonaltrack.com:8080 WE MAKE NO GUARANTEE OF SERVICE OR AVAILABILITY ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1.0

Size: 4.53 MB


Price: 1,99 €

Developed by GPS Personal Track LLC

Day of release: 2011-10-23

Recommended age: 4+

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