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GRE/SAT Vocab lite

The verbal sections of the GRE or SAT giving you a hard time? Do you want to improve your English vocabulary? This is the app for you! Containing a word ...

Discontinued App


The verbal sections of the GRE or SAT giving you a hard time? Do you want to improve your English vocabulary? This is the app for you! Containing a word list of 3723 (lite version contains 373, the rest you can buy if you desire) words, with example sentences, this app will make your life a whole lot fun, while learning new words. Words are also provided with their pronunciations if you wish to hear how they are pronounced (requires internet access). Contains 3 mediums for studying: the learning sessions, the word list and flash cards. The learning sessions are where the core gameplay lies. The learning sessions provide you with a list of words to study in that session and they test you progressively. You will receive the words with their definitions and example sentences. Then you will be asked to match the meaning of the given word, then be given the meaning of the word and you will be prompted to select the word, then a sentence will be given and you will be required to fill in the blank by selecting the proper word (just like in the SAT or GRE!) and you may be required to spell the word, when given its meaning. Be careful as these phases are timed! The words you have completed will come up regularly after some time for you to review them and not forget them. Once you reach a high enough streak of correct answers, or you attain a high performance with a word, that word will be "mastered". Mastered words will not appear as frequent as other words for review. The sessions end by a matching game of all words studied in the session. In the word list you can see the list of words available in your app. The words are grouped alphabetically for easy access. You can select a word to see the details for that word. If you long-click a word you can see the options you have for that word such as: the history of that word (how many times you have studied it, your current performance), or you can choose to set the word as "mastered" or "known". "Known" words will never come up in learning sessions, unless you "prioritize" them. "Prioritization" allows you to choose the words that you want to study in the next sessions! By pressing the menu button on your device and selecting "Multiple Words", you can select and handle many words at once. You can also deprioritize words or change their orders as well after you have prioritized them! The flash cards allow you to study words one by one. You can study words that have already appeared in the learning sessions or all words. I hope you like it. Feel free to send me comments, upgrades, thoughts, anything that you would like to see on this app, through the contact page of the app or by the e-mail given below. Enjoy!


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