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Gadzookeryâ„¢ Free is a NEW exciting game of spelling acronyms and backronyms. It is a point scoring single & multi-player word game that will challenge, ...

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Gadzookeryâ„¢ Free is a NEW exciting game of spelling acronyms and backronyms. It is a point scoring single & multi-player word game that will challenge, educate, delight, and reward casual gamers and seasoned wordsmiths alike. Click the free 'install' button now then when you've finished reading you can launch the game straight away. This game is so much wordy fun you won't to lose a second! Gadzookery gives you hours of head-scratching brain-bending fun as you weave together creative relevant spelling acronym sentences or phrases based off of target words. Whether you play alone or with friends, Gadzookery is an addictive way to stimulate you with mental gymnastics that build your vocabulary, and boost your creative writing skills on the go. Here’s an example. If your target word was GAMES you would need to create a 5 word sentence or phrase somehow connected to the word games that also becomes an acronym of games. You could write ‘Gadzookery App Making Entertaining Sentences’ and earn 50 points. (One base point per letter, and ten bonus points for completing a relevant spelling acronym against a timer) Players are penalized for fake and misspelled words as determined by Dictionary.com Players are also penalized for using the target word itself, or not completing a sentence or phrase against the 3 minute timer. Stuck for words? Use the handy searchable on board Thesaurus.com tool for a list of synonyms There are no grammar Police in this game, even if your attempt only tenuously links to the target word that's fine too, just play for fun and brain food. What comes in this version: - 5-letter word mode - Play Random Opponents - Play With Friends - Play Single Player - In-app upgrades - Play online, or offline (single player only) - Very Ad-lite Addictive Features: •Race against the clock to form sentences based off of target words. •Challenge your friends’ sentences to steal their points. Although be careful or you might lose your own points to them. •Go head-to-head with up to 4 friends in a custom private game. •Instantly start a game with random opponents from around the world. •Play well enough to get your high scores posted in the Gadzookery Hall of Fame. •Share your best and wittiest sentences with friends on Facebook and Twitter. •Expand your vocabulary while you playâ€â€Gadzookery is powered by Dictionary.com. •Unlock in-app upgrades including longer target word lengths and themed target word packs to take your game further. Themed target word packs include Sport, Computing, Arts, Food, and more - Earn SLIC virtual currency which you can use to open more levels to play. Check your Game Center for the complete list of achievements, and regularly check your upgrade screen to see your earned balance. Try it Now and learn why Gadzookery is unlike any word game you’ve ever played! Love Gadzookery? Tell your friends about us, and connect with us to always hear the latest news and updates! Like us on Facebook for witty daily spelling acronyms of 'On this day', 'Today is', 'National Holidays', and other events and also look out for promotional code giveaways for the upgrade version of Gadzookery: http://www.facebook.com/Gadzookery Follow us on Twitter for daily witty spelling acronyms of 'celebrity Birthday tweets', 'On This Day', Today is', and other events and promotional code giveaways: https://twitter.com/Gadzookery


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